Depopulated And Destroyed: The Caribbean’s Irma Losses | On Point

This Sept. 14 photo shows storm damage to the Little Dix Bay Resort in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. (Guillermo Houwer via AP)

The Caribbean after Irma. We’ll look at devastated islands and the way forward.

This hour, we also look at how snowbirds are expected to reconsider wintering in Florida after Irma.

Hurricane Irma swamped Florida, but it crushed Caribbean islands on its way to the mainland. Beautiful islands, the islands of dreams, flattened. Stripped of vegetation. Houses, clubs, piers, marinas – destroyed. It’s very rough in the US Virgin Islands and more. Some aid getting in. People still trying to get out. So what now? These islands know hurricanes. But climate change ups the ante. This hour, On Point: life, “life and limb,” and tourism in the Caribbean after Irma.


David Abel, reporter who covers environment at The Boston Globe (@davabel)

Frank Ackerman, economist specializing in climate change, energy and other environmental problems

Karolin Troubetzkoy, president of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (@Troubetzkoy)



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