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Dozens of Countries Sign Landmark Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons at U.N.

Sep 21, 2017

At the United Nations headquarters in New York City, dozens of countries have signed on to a landmark treaty to ban nuclear weapons worldwide. The United Nations calls it the world’s first legally binding treaty banning nuclear weapons. It prohibits the development, testing and possession of nuclear weapons, as well as using or threatening to use these weapons. The treaty was approved by 122 U.N. member states in July, despite heavy U.S. opposition to the treaty. Following the treaty’s approval, the U.S., Britain and France published a joint statement saying they “have not taken part in the negotiation of the treaty … and do not intend to sign, ratify or ever become party to it.” The treaty will take effect 90 days after 50 U.N. member states have ratified it.


Trump Admin Doubles Down on Plans to Withdraw from Paris Deal as UNGA Makes Climate Top Priority

Published on Sep 21, 2017
Democracy Now!

https://democracynow.org – At the United Nations, President Trump’s chief economic adviser, Gary Cohn, said Monday the U.S. would withdraw from the landmark 2015 Paris climate accord as planned. His comments came as U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said climate should be a top priority at this year’s General Assembly. Our guest, economist Jeffrey Sachs, notes that the “agreement is completely symmetrical for all 193 countries,” and also argues that chemical and oil companies should help pay for recovery efforts after extreme weather related to climate change.

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