Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Accumulation by Dispossession – David Harvey

Democracy At Work
Published on May 23, 2019

[S1 E16] Accumulation by Dispossession

Prof. Harvey argues that contemporary capitalism is heavily inflected towards accumulation by dispossession as opposed to accumulation through exploitation of living labor in production. Large capital takes over smaller capital and in the end you get a quasi monopolistic situation of the large capitalist dominating all else.

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How to Future-Proof Humanity | Paul Mason


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As we move towards a future defined by artificial intelligence, we must make a choice: will we accept machine control of human beings, or resist it? The logic of machines and market forces threaten to reduce us to little more than consumers whose every action can be programmed, leading some to declare that ‘humanity is over’ – but there is another way. Award-winning writer, broadcaster and filmmaker Paul Mason explores the asymmetries of knowledge and power emerging in the information age, and issues a passionate defence of what it means to be human. What we need, he argues, is a theory of humanity that protects our rights and freedoms against the forces eroding who we are. By engaging the most powerful tools at our disposal – language, innovation, cooperation – we can reconnect with the most human parts of ourselves and face the future with optimism.

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