United in Action: Holistic Climate Solutions Summit

Sep 25, 2022

From September 19th – September 25th, the Tzu Chi Center is hosting the Holistic Climate Solutions Summit, a week-long convergence of the minds. From academics to activists, youth leaders to long-standing government officials, all walks of life are coming together this week for one mutual goal: developing the innovative solutions we need to tackle the climate crisis.

Join us for our episode on Sunday, September 25th, as we wrap up our Holistic Climate Solutions Summit , with Sarah Chu and Dallas Conyers, co-organizers of the event. Together with host Steve Chiu, they’ll reflect on the whole of the summit, the holistic climate solutions that emerged over its course, and what we can expect moving forward.

Learn more about the Holistic Climate Solutions Summit at https://tzuchicenter.org/ClimateWeekNYC

Learn more about United in Action at https://tzuchicenter.org/UnitedInAction

Read the full Climate Change 2021 report by the UN’s IPCC – The Boston Globe

The United Nations’ IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has released a landmark report by the world’s top climate scientists. It shows that Earth’s climate is warming at a faster rate than previously thought, and with greater and more widespread consequences.

Read the full report below.
Read the full story. | See more climate change stories.

The FRONTLINE Dispatch: How American Democracy Reached a Moment of ‘Existential Crisis’

As the midterms draw near amid continuing false claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, FRONTLINE examines how American democracy reached this point. Veteran filmmaker Michael Kirk joins host Raney Aronson-Rath, FRONTLINE’s editor-in-chief and executive producer, for a special live recording of The FRONTLINE Dispatch to discuss what FRONTLINE’s season premiere, Lies, Politics and Democracy, reveals.

The two-hour documentary, structured as a countdown to the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, illuminates critical decisions that have profoundly undermined faith in the electoral process, leading to what journalist Tim Alberta says in the film is an “existential crisis for the United States of America.”

Kirk discusses a series of “inflection points” in which Republican leaders embraced the rhetoric of Donald Trump even as warning signs mounted.

“This was the leadership agreeing to be silent,” Kirk says, “agreeing to think they were gonna manipulate him, and then being manipulated themselves.”

Lies, Politics and Democracy is now streaming on FRONTLINE’s website, the PBS Video App and FRONTLINE’s YouTube channel.

Reforestation Solution: Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration

Forum Network – Sep 23, 2022

Tony Rinaudo is an Australian agronomist, who is widely known as the “forest maker.” Having lived and worked in African countries for many decades, he has discovered and put in practice a solution to the extreme deforestation and desertification of the Sahel region.

Using an elegantly simple set of management practices, farmers can grow new trees quickly by utilizing the root systems beneath existing tree stumps. He will describe the path to this solution to land degradation and the history, development and impact of the global movement called Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration. The work he began in Niger in 1983 has now been linked to the regrowth of 200 million trees on five million hectares of degraded farmland in Niger alone.

More than an effective, low cost, rapid and scalable method of land and environmental restoration, FMNR is restoring livelihoods and food security across tens of thousands of communities and in the process, restoring hope.

Environmental journalist Judith D. Schwartz joins Tony in this conversation.

Contents of the video —-
0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:27 – Program Starts
0:03:20 – Welcome Judith Schwartz
0:06:56 – Tony Rinaudo Presentation
0:33:25 – Discussion and Q&A
1:07:41 – Concluding Remarks

Tree Announcement – 9/21/22

Boston City TV– Sep 21, 2022

Boston Mayor Wu hosts a press conference at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University to announce enhanced efforts to protect and expand Boston’s tree canopy to foster healthier and more livable neighborhoods.

Groundwater Trust Forum Promo

Boston City TV– Sep 23, 2022

Formed by the Boston City Council, the Groundwater Trust Forum is committed to protecting and preserving the integrity of structural foundations within the city of Boston that are threatened by low water levels. This forum provides an update on where Boston is on the groundwater issue.

Category 5 Typhoon Noru still intensifying | Ian a hurricane threat | Force Thirteen Live

Force Thirteen– Started streaming 2 hours ago

Typhoon Noru (Philippine name Karding) rapidly intensified overnight, and is now a Category 5 storm as it approaches central Luzon. Catastrophic damage is possible on Polillo island, southern Aurora, and northern Quezon as the powerful typhoon moves ashore later today. The storm will naturally weaken over land and is likely to claim back some of its strength over the south China Sea later in the week. In the Atlantic, the National Hurricane Center are now expecting Tropical Storm Ian to reach Category 4 intensity as it enters the Gulf of Mexico through the Yucatan Channel in the middle of this coming week, and is poised to make a devastating landfall somewhere in the eastern Gulf late next week. Severe impacts cannot be ruled out anywhere along the western coast of Florida at this time.

Fiona slams Canada’s Atlantic coast

CNN– Sep 24, 2022

Hurricane-strength Fiona is ripping through Canada’s eastern seaboard after making landfall in Nova Scotia early Saturday, slamming the area with fierce rain and damaging winds and knocking out power for hundreds of thousands in what could be a “landmark” weather event for the country.

Tracking the tropics

WESH 2 News– Sep 24, 2022

Tracking the tropics

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Tracking the Tropics: Why Gulf Coast meteorologists are keeping close eye on tropical wave in Atlantic