The Next Frontier of Environmental Justice: Place-Making for Black History

Harvard Extension School – Mar 12, 2023

Join the Harvard University Division of Continuing Education and Trust for Public Land for a Park Bench Chat about the growing movement to preserve Black history and culture sites across the United States. Today only three percent of sites listed in the National Register of Historic Places focus on the experiences of Black Americans. This collective injustice deprives us of a full understanding of the story of America. We have a short window of time to preserve these sites before they are lost forever – either due to development, decay, or the people associated with them pass away. Undervalued for far too long, there has never been a greater sense of urgency to accelerate the protection of important sites representing Black history and culture as well as unearth and celebrate the stories of resistance, self-determination, and agency of Black Americans across all of America’s protected lands.

Featuring Lindi D. von Mutius and Jocelyn Imani

Video produced by Harvard Division of Continuing Education’s Online Course Technology and Innovation Team at Brattle Square Studio and edited by Pedro Almanzar.

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Further material on past environmental justice courses offered through the Harvard Extension School is available online. The course known as ENVR-145 was presented for eight years from 2007 through 2014 under the leadership of James Hoyte. 


Honored member of the Board of Directors of The Trust for Public Land.

Jamie Hoyte was co-founder of the Harvard “Working Group on Environmental Justice,” and co-instructor of the Harvard Extension School’s ENVR – E145 course – “Introduction to Environmental Justice.”


James (Jamie) Hoyte had served in the Massachusetts state government as Secretary of Environmental Affairs as part of the administration of Governor Michael S. Dukakis.  He brought his extensive experience in environmental preservation and regulation within the state government to Harvard when he joined the administration at Harvard as Associate Vice President and Assistant to the President under President Neil Rudenstein and subsequently his successors Lawrence Summers and Drew Gilpin Faust.

Jamie Hoyte drew upon his years of service within Massachusetts state government as he worked to found the “Working Group on Environmental Justice” at Harvard and taught courses in the field of environmental justice first at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, then as part of the newly created “Environmental Science and Public Policy” concentration in Harvard College and eventually through the online learning program of the Extension School within the Division of Continuing Education. from 2007-2014.

Introduction to Environmental Justice – ENVR145:

with the assistance of Dr. Rhona Julien and Dr. T. C. Weiskel.


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