If ocean levels are rising, why can’t we see it?

potholer54 – Dec 5, 2021

Compare two photos 130 years apart and it looks as though sea levels haven’t moved. So why all the fuss about rising sea levels and evacuating islands? This video closes the yawning gap between internet myths and science. CORRECTIONS: 1) The shades of blue on the map at 10:58 denote sea level falling, not rising at the lowest rate.. 2) I said glaciers cover around 10% or the Earth — I should have said 10% of the land surface of the Earth. 3) Two posters pointed out that Reiss’s question to Hansen could be taken to mean ‘What would the view be like in 40 years’ time if CO2 concentration was NOW double?” In other words, Hansen was predicting sea level 40 years AFTER a doubling of CO2.” To be fair to Hansen, that’s possible. If so, his prediction will very likely be correct. But it again stresses the need to have these predictions made in peer-reviewed scientific journals, where such ambiguity is eliminated, rather than books.

You can see more on how this groundbreaking charity trades heath care for forest care in my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9-GR… See also https://psmag.com/social-justice/save… for an explanation of their work. SOURCES: 255 billion tonnes ice lost per year: “Return to rapid ice loss in Greenland and recordloss in 2019 detected by the GRACE-FO satellites” Sasgen et al 2019 Sea level rise up to 2008: http://sealevel.colorado.edu/ up to 2008 “More than half of the predicted rise in future sea level caused by the enhanced greenhouse effect is currently thought to be due to the thermal expansion of the oceans.” “Thermal expansion in ocean and coupled general circulation models” Jacket et al. 2000 “Improved estimates of upper-ocean warming and multi-decadal sea level rise” Domingues et al 2008 “Rising sea level is one of the most serious consequences of global warming. In the past 50 years, sea level rose about 1.8 (plus or minus 0.3) millimeters a year. Satellite observations since 1993 indicate the pace has accelerated to about 3 millimeters per year.”

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