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Masseria Montenapoleone Interior Design

Masseria MONTENAPOLEONE – Premiered 13 hours ago 11 Dec. 2021

Il MONTENAPOLEONE DESIGN ATELIER è il luogo dove prende forma la magia del nostro stile decorativo. Diamo una nuova vita a pezzi di mobilio, oggetti ed utensili provenienti dal passato. In questo modo riusciamo ad essere creativi e sostenibili allo stesso tempo. E’ una ricerca costante tra i mercatini locali pugliesi e del Belgio, terra d’origine di Christiane Van Gaubergen, proprietaria della masseria. Il risultato è del tutto originale, la cultura del Nord e le tradizioni del Sud si mescolano, raccontando dell’identità ibrida e fervente che si respira in ogni stanza e negli ambienti comuni. Ogni camera è differente, l’incontro di culture si esprime attraverso l’impiego di tessuti e di una palette di colori variegati, allo stesso tempo l’uso di materiali naturali locali mantiene salde le radici di Puglia. Tutta la famiglia è coinvolta nell’attività di decorazione, con l’apporto fondamentale delle mani e della mente di Alessandro Galizia, artista residente che lavora ogni giorno al progetto dell’atelier da oltre 20 anni.

The MONTENAPOLEONE DESIGN ATELIER is the place where the magic of our decorative style takes shape. We give a new life to pieces of furniture, objects and tools from the past. In this way we manage to be creative and sustainable at the same time. It is a constant search among the local markets of Puglia and Belgium, the homeland of Christiane Van Gaubergen, owner of the masseria. The result is completely original, the culture of the North and the traditions of the South mix, telling of the hybrid and fervent identity that is spread in every room and in the common areas. Each room is different, the meeting of cultures is expressed through the use of fabrics and a palette of multiple colors, at the same time, the use of local natural materials keeps the roots of Puglia firm. The whole family is involved in the decoration activity, with the fundamental contribution of the hands and mind of Alessandro Galizia, a resident artist who has been working on the atelier project every day for over 20 years.

Video: Cold front arrives Saturday night with strong winds

WMUR-TV – Dec 11, 2021

Cold front Saturday night with strong winds – Kevin Skarupa

Assange can be extradited, says court

RT America – Dec 11, 2021

On the show, Chris Hedges discusses the British High Court ruling to allow the extradition of Julian Assange to go ahead with Joe Lauria, editor-in-chief, Consortium News.

On Friday the British High Court in London overturned an earlier lower court decision blocking the extradition of Julian Assange to the United States. The ruling sends the case back to Magistrate’s Court with instructions to allow the extradition to be approved or denied by the British Home Secretary Priti Patel.

The ruling, which included a decision to continue to hold Assange in a high security prison, is a severe blow to the Wikileaks co-founder’s efforts to prevent his extradition to the United States to face charges under the Espionage Act. The extradition is now in the hands of Patel, unless Assange’s lawyers, as expected, file an appeal to the U.K. Supreme Court. District court judge Vanessa Baraitser ruled in January that Assange could not be extradited because of inhumane conditions in U.S. prisons that would make Assange, who suffers from physical and mental health issues, a suicide risk.

The United States, in appealing the decision, gave assurances that Assange would receive adequate medical and psychological care and would not be subject to measures commonly used in high profiled cases such as prolonged isolation and Special Administrative Measures, known as SAMs, which impose draconian rules limiting any communication and allows the government to monitor meetings with attorneys in violation of attorney-client privilege. The U.S. attempt to extradite Assange has been widely condemned by civil liberties organizations including Amnesty International, Reporters Without Borders, the International Federation of Journalists, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Human Rights Watch, which have called it an existential threat to press freedom. If extradited to the United States Assange, who oversaw WikiLeaks publications of documents and videos that exposed U.S. war crimes and a range of other illegal and nefarious activities, faces a 175-year prison sentence.

Glenn Greenwald: “Edward Snowden and the Secrets of the National Security State”

University of Utah – Apr 13, 2015

Glenn Greenwald, best known for his series in “The Guardian” detailing classified information about global surveillance programs based on top-secret documents provided by Edward Snowden, spoke speak at the University of Utah on Tuesday, April 7, 2015.

Greenwald, a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist who sparked a worldwide debate over freedom of speech, provided the keynote address during Secrecy Week, a week of events sponsored by the College of Humanities exploring government surveillance in the U. S.

Historian Explains What We’re Missing About White Supremacy | The Mehdi Hasan Show

MSNBC -Oct 27, 2021

Historian Kathleen Belew says January 6 is just one thread in a long string of violent attacks by a white supremacist movement in the U.S.

The Mehdi Hasan Show: Insightful reporting and probing interviews that examine the day’s events and provide a deeper level of context for the politics of our interconnected society.

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Fleeing climate change — the real environmental disaster | DW Documentary

DW Documentary– May 1, 2019

How many millions of people will be forced to leave their homes by 2050? This documentary looks at the so-called hotspots of climate change in the Sahel zone, Indonesia and the Russian Tundra.

Lake Chad in the Sahel zone has already shrunk by 90 percent since the 1960s due to the increasing heat. About 40 million people will be forced to migrate to places where there is enough rainfall. Migration has always existed as a strategy to adapt to a changing environment. But the number of those forced to migrate solely because of climate change has increased dramatically since the 1990s. It is a double injustice: after becoming rich at the expense of the rest of the world, the industrialized countries are now polluting the atmosphere with their emissions and bringing a second misfortune to the inhabitants of the poorer regions. One of them is Mohammed Ibrahim: as Lake Chad got hotter and drier, he decided to go where the temperatures were less extreme and there was still a little water, trekking with his wife, children and 70 camels from Niger to Chad and then further south. The journey lasted several years and many members of his herd died of thirst. Now he and his family are living in a refugee camp: they only have seven camels left. Mohammed is one of many who have left their homelands in the Sahel – not because of conflict and crises, but because of the high temperatures. He’s a real climate refugee.

Climate change – living on the water | DW Documentary

DW Documentary – Jul 8, 2020

Sea levels are rising faster and faster, threatening 700 million people who live on the world’s coasts. Will water become the habitat of the future? Visionary projects for a life with the tides are forging ahead worldwide.

Experts forecast that by 2100, sea levels will be two meters higher than they are today. This could force 40 percent of the world’s population out of their homes, for example, in Mumbai, Tokyo, Guangzhou or Bangladesh. The US won’t be spared either. Miami, New Orleans and New York would also have to be evacuated. Entire city districts would be under water. Climate change would drastically alter our metropolitan areas.

That’s why ideas that originated in science fiction have now becoming reality. Floating and underwater buildings could become places of refuge. What sounds like a utopia is soon to become reality. The first pioneers are already living in floating neighborhoods. Could the South Pacific paradise of Tahiti also be saved in this way?

This is still all tantalizing luxury. Visionary hotel operators offer rooms with an underwater view. Or dinner during which fish and marine life are a feature in floating restaurants. Many of these futuristic plans involve water. Will we be farming on the sea? Will the “SeaOrbiter” floating research station designed by Parisian architect Jacques Rougerie get underway soon? Or will we walk through seaports on floating boulevards?

Bangladesh’s water crisis – A country under water | DW Documentary

DW Documentary – Dec 11, 2021

Bangladesh is struggling just to stay afloat. Literally: By 2050, it’s estimated that climate issues will displace one in seven of the country’s inhabitants.

This film takes the viewer on a journey through Bangladesh, exploring why overflowing rivers flood three-quarters of the country every year. We see how flooding threatens the country’s food security, how soil erosion thrusts thousands into homelessness, and how climate refugees are forced to flee their homes in a desperate act of survival.

Along the way, we meet communities adapting to rising sea climate change by growing food on water. This is a strategy which could prove very useful in the near future, as rising sea levels threaten to inundate 11% of the country’s land in the next 30 years.

This documentary brings us to the front lines of the battle against catastrophic climate change in Bangladesh. It also tells the stories of activists who are bringing the dangers posed by man-made threats to light.

Gov.: At Least 50 Dead After ‘Most Severe Tornado Event’ In Kentucky’s History

FOX Weather – Dec 11, 2021

Gov. Andy Beshear addressed the catastrophic damage in Kentucky. “We believe our death toll from this event will exceed 50 Kentuckians, probably end up closer to 70 to 100 lost lives,” Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said.

Daylight Revealing Full Scope Of Devastation In Monette, Arkansas

FOX Weather – Dec 11, 2021

Daylight is revealing the full scope of devastation in Monette, Arkansas.