The Atlantic Trade and Africa: The Portuguese, the Spanish & the Dutch – Part 2 | EV & N 358 | CCTV

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European trade with Africa emerged as an aspect of the Asia trade, by the 16th century it came to focus upon the export of slaves as a high value-to-weight commodity to the labor-scarce plantations that began to emerge in the in the New World.   By the 17th century the Dutch had become the principal merchants of slaves to the Spanish and Portuguese plantations in Brazil and the Caribbean islands.

The English and the French were to emerge in the late 17th and 18th centuries, and more can be learned about the slave trade from English and French sources in this period.  It is hoped that more can be learned about the first two hundred years of the Atlantic trade through cooperative research between Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish scholars in coordination with French and British historians and cartographers.

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