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Greta and eight young activists on climate crisis PLUS more from Greta’s world debut at COP-24

Facing Future   Sep 25, 2020

Greta who we introduced at the UNFCCC’s COP-24 in Poland, at the young age of 16, has become a world leader of immense proportions. Here she is one of 8 young people participating in a thought provoking video composed by UNICEF, to whom we also owe our gratitude in allowing us to re-post their work. May we all learn the lessons these young people are teaching and take the climate crisis much more seriously than we have. We are sacrificing our children’s world forever for the sake of profits to an economic system that is blinded by Money to the sacrifice that is being made. We’ve added an excerpt from another youth program from our COP-24 programs with both a link to view the entire video, and the entire COP-24 playlist where Greta made her debut on the world stage. Here’s a link to the full video from the ‘teaser’ at the end of this one..
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