David Christian: What Are The Origins Of The Universe? : NPR

October 24, 20149:23 AM ET Heard on TED Radio Hour

Part 2 of the TED Radio Hour episode How It All Began.

About David Christian’s TED Talk

David Christian explains the history of the universe from the big bang, and how humans occupy little more than a millisecond on that cosmic timeline.

About David Christian

David Christian is a historian of Russia and the Soviet Union by training, but since the 1980s he has become interested in world history on a large scale. In 1989, he began teaching courses on “Big History,” surveying the past on the largest possible scales, and integrating history, biology, chemistry, physics and astronomy. Christian is a member of the Australian Academy of the Humanities. He also worked with Bill Gates to create an online course in “Big History” for high school students.

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The History of Everything – TED | Big History Project

Big History Project

Published on May 12, 2014

David Christian gives a TED talk covering the Universe’s 13.8 billion year history in 18 minutes.


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