Climate Change and Impacts | A Pale Blue Dot under Pressure

Harvard Radcliffe Institute

Nov 4, 2022

Part 1 of the 2022 Mike and Nina Patterson Science Symposium: A Pale Blue Dot under Pressure: Climate Change, Justice, and Resilience in Our Rapidly Warming World

Welcome Edo Berger, codirector of the science program at Harvard Radcliffe Institute; professor of astronomy, Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Framing Remarks: Climate Change and Impacts Somini Sengupta, international climate reporter, New York Times

Discussant: Dustin Tingley, professor of government, Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences; deputy vice provost for advances in learning, Harvard University

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0:00 Welcome 8:22 Introduction 11:05 Somini Sengupta 28:26 Discussion and Q&A

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