BBC News Channel – Grenada: Confronting the Past

In the eighteenth century, the family of BBC World News anchor and correspondent, Laura Trevelyan, were absentee slave owners on the island of Grenada, profiting for years from the sale of sugar harvested from five different sugar cane plantations.

When slavery was abolished in 1834, the UK government paid compensation to slave owners, but the enslaved received nothing. In the wake of the racial reckoning in America following the death of George Floyd, Grenada’s national commission on reparations for slavery has begun to meet and debate what reparations mean. In this film, Laura travels to Grenada to try and learn more about the legacy of slavery on Grenada and her family’s involvement in the slave trade.

Grenada: Confronting my family’s slave-owning past
By Laura Trevelyan
BBC News, Grenada

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