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A History of Portuguese Overseas Expansion 1400-1668: Malyn Newitt

A History of Portuguese Overseas Expansion 1400-1668 provides an accessible survey of how the Portuguese became so influential during this period and how Portuguese settlements were founded in areas as far flung as Asia, Africa and South America.

Malyn Newitt examines how the ideas and institutions of a late medieval society were deployed to aid expansion into Africa and the Atlantic islands, as well as how, through rivalry with Castile, this grew into a worldwide commercial enterprise. Finally, he considers how resilient the Portuguese overseas communities were, surviving wars and natural disasters, and fending off attacks by the more heavily armed English and Dutch invaders until well into the 1600s.

Including a detailed bibliography and glossary, A History of Portuguese Overseas Expansion 1400-1668 is an invaluable textbook for all those studying this fascinating period of European expansion


“Malyn Newitt’s aim simply has been ‘to give a coherent account of a very complex topic for a new generation of students of European overseas expansion’ and ‘to restore a chronological perspective to the story of the empire.’ To do this in less than three hundred pages is no means a task, but the end product lives up to the promise. Anyone familiar with the history of the Portuguese empire should have it on the shelve.” –Itinerario

‘A meticulous account … a volume to look forward to.’- Media Literary Review

About the Author

Malyn Newitt is Chales Boxer Professor of History at King’s College London. His many publications include The First Portuguese Colonial Empire, A History of Mozambique and East Africa.

  • Publisher‏ : ‎ Routledge; 1st edition (November 11, 2004)
  • Language‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback‏ : ‎ 324 pages
  • ISBN-10‏ : ‎ 041523980X
  • ISBN-13‏ : ‎ 978-0415239806

The Last Word on the Vinland Map?

Beinecke Library at Yale – Oct 13, 2022

Speakers John Paul Floyd, Independent Historian, Paula Zyats, Conservation, Yale University Library, and Richard Hark, Yale Center for the Preservation of Cultural History give presentations on the history and science of the Vinland Map. Ray Clemens asks the speakers to reflect on how history and science worked together to come to the same conclusion about the Vinland’s authenticity.

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Ghana’s fishing communities fight for survival

DW The 77 Percent – Jul 30, 2021

Ten percent of Ghanaians rely on fishing – but the stocks are dwindling. Competition and overfishing by international trawlers, as well as, harmful practices employed by local fishing folk have led to a strain on both the ecosystem and peoples’ livelihoods. The 77 Percent accompanied a group of fishermen on to the rocky waters.

FISHING IN GHANA 🇬🇭| Sekondi Fishing Harbour | Living in Ghana as a Fisherman | Africa

Genevive Derby– Jun 29, 2022

#fishingharbour #fishinginGhana #ghana

Fishing in Ghana is made up of both ocean caught fish as well as fresh water fishing in lakes and rivers.
The Fisheries support 135,000 fishers in the marine sub-sector alone.
Fishing in Ghana may be regarded as a 3rd class job but it contribute to 4.5 percent to annual GDP and indirectly supports the livelihood of 2.2 million people.

Uncle Abraham is a fisherman in who has been in the fishing business for 25 years. In this video, he enlighten us on the challenges of being a fisherman in Ghana, his experiences and the funds involved.

Fishing is very important in Ghana. We all need to accord every fisherman in Ghana.

Incredible Castles in Ghana You Didn’t Know Existed 2

Andy’s Insights– Aug 28, 2022

In this video dubbed ‘Incredible Castles And Forts in Ghana You Didn’t Know Existed’ I showcase rich Ghanaian perks in a form of the Incredible Castles and forts in Ghana You Didn’t Know Existed that will honestly shock you and blow your mind, especially expats in Ghana and african american, Ghanaian diaspora and all visitors such as african diaspora. Most people seem to miss these castles and forts when exploring Ghana making it not living up to their true adventurer expectation in Ghana for expats in Ghana and african americans especially in Ghana, Hence in this video I highlight these Incredible Castles and forts in Ghana You Didn’t Know Existed and places and structures in other to really shock you and blow your mind as travellers and indegenes alike, in an attempt to reveal these hidden Gems while living in Ghana whether short term or long term.

Nana Akufo-Addo — Ghanaian President — Blasts the West Over Low Funding for the Climate Crisis they Caused

2nacheki – Oct 12, 2022

Here is #2nacheki latest news Ghanaian President Slams the West Over Low Funding for the Climate Crisis they Caused Ghanaian President Blasts the West Over Low Funding for the Climate Crisis they Caused

Mondays at Beinecke Online: Suzanne Boorsch on The World in Maps, 1400-1600 | Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Suzanne Boorsch, an art historian who specializes in Renaissance old master prints and the former curator of prints and drawings at the Yale University Art Gallery, will give a talk in conjunction with the current building-wide exhibition, The World in Maps, 1400-1600. (Exhibition information: https://beinecke.library.yale.edu/worldinmaps)
Zoom webinar registration: https://bit.ly/3M6IiYb

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Mondays at Beinecke Online: Kristen Herdman on Uncommon Cartographies – Novel Maps and Materials | Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Zoom webinar registration: https://bit.ly/3rvhbwC

Event description:
Kristen Herdman, a PhD Candidate in the Medieval Studies program, will discuss the current building-wide exhibition, The World in Maps, 1400-1600. (Exhibition information: https://beinecke.library.yale.edu/worldinmaps; more on Herdman: https://medieval.yale.edu/people/kristen-herdman)

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I Tatti/Getty Black Mediterranean Fellowship | I Tatti | The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies

I Tatti will offer two residential Fellowships during the 2023-2024 academic year for scholars from African nations whose work examines exchanges within and between the African continent and the wider Mediterranean world during the early modern period (14th – 17th centuries). Designed for scholars working on African artistic and architectural material (including those working in archaeology and anthropology) and made possible by a generous grant from the Getty Foundation, the fellowships seek to create and promote collaboration between scholars working in African institutions and those working in European and North American institutions. Projects will explore the reception of antiquity in the modern era (a major topic for the African countries that had been part of the Roman empire) and the reception and impact of artworks, crafts and practices of the early modern period created within the Eurafrica space on the modern and contemporary world. We are particularly interested in projects that connect the visual and material histories of Sub-Saharan Africa with those of Italy, North Africa, and the Mediterranean, broadly conceived.

As part of the larger Black Mediterranean/Mediterraneo Nero project, the Fellows will become automatic participants in a series of multi-day events to take place at I Tatti and, if possible, at one or more African institutions during the 2023-2024 Academic Year. (The eventual schedule of the programming will ideally be tailored with special consideration given to the projects of the Appointees; details about this programming to follow.) Based at I Tatti, the two Fellows will be embedded in a stimulating interdisciplinary milieu of scholars whose work is centered on the Mediterranean and Mediterranean cultures.


Applicants for the Fellowships must be nationals of African countries, with preference given to scholars based or connected to African universities, museums, and cultural institutions. Applicants must be fluent in either English, Italian, or French and have a PhD certificate in hand by the time they apply (and will be asked to upload a scan of it when submitting their application). Successful applicants will have a solid background in premodern Africa and its global exchanges. Candidates offered the Fellowships will spend a four-month or six-moth term in Florence at I Tatti with access to local and regional resources (libraries, photographic collections, archives, museums, collections). The Fellows will be expected to carry out original research on the topic for which they have been awarded their fellowship. Term Fellowships at I Tatti can be held only once and cannot be deferred. Term Fellowships are intended for scholars who have not previously held appointments at I Tatti (with the exception of Graduate Fellows).

…(read more).

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Tyrants on Twitter

GBH Forum Network– Sep 19, 2022

_TYRANTS ON TWITTER_, a new book by national security expert David Sloss, details how by investing heavily in global media and information technology systems, Russia and China are undermining democracy. Sloss provides a careful analysis of how Chinese and Russian agents weaponize Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms for the sole purpose of subverting the liberal international order, both in America and Europe. In this forum, we’ll examine questions about the 2016 US election and also explore Russia’s use of foreign infiltration to meddle with Western democratic elections. What can be done to mitigate the damage? David L. Sloss is an educator, author, and national security expert. His latest book, Tyrants on Twitter: Protecting Democracies from Information Warfare focuses on Russian and Chinese information warfare. Sloss is currently Professor of Law at Santa Clara University. Before entering academia, in 2008, he spent nine years in the federal government, working on U.S.-Soviet arms control negotiations and nuclear proliferation issues. Sloss will be joined in the discussion by John Feffer, director of Foreign Policy in Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies.

— Contents of the video —
0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:27 – Program Starts
0:03:12 – Welcome David Sloss
0:07:34 – Regime Type Presentation
0:23:50 – Welcome John Feffer
0:47:36 – Opinion vs. Fact Journalism
1:05:30 – Concluding Remarks GBH Forum Network ~
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