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Sir David Attenborough and Professor Johan Rockstrom | WWF Living Planet Lecture 2016

WWF UK– Nov 22, 2016

Hear a compelling lecture from WWF-UK Ambassador Sir David Attenborough followed by world renowned climate scientist Professor Johan Rockstrom, Executive Director of The Stockholm Resilience Centre. The talk explores the impact humanity is having on our planet as we enter a new geological era, the Anthropocene, and how by acting now we can create a future where people and nature thrive together. We can choose the future we want.

Take action now #ForOurPlanet: http://po.st/lpr2016
WWF’s Inaugural Living Planet Lecture was supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Visit our website for more information and follow us for regular updates: Website: https://fal.cn/35RwM
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People and Planet: Full edit with the audience Q&A session

RSA– Mar 16, 2011

Broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough presents the 2011 RSA President’s Lecture. The dangers facing the earth’s ecosystems are well known and the subject of great concern at all levels. Climate change is high on the list. But there is an underlying and associated cause — population growth.

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Visscher Atlas of 1690 – Talents of Mapmakers

Feb 4, 2021

Beta Testers for The Digital Gallery – July 2022

Jul 8, 2022

The Digital Gallery is interested in working with high school or college teachers who would use the website to help their students engage and learn about history and art.

Tutorial for The Digital Gallery October 2022

The Digital Gallery

Will the Next Pandemic Come from Melting Glaciers?

Oct 19, 2022

COVID is still here killing hundreds of Americans everyday but before this pandemic ends we might see the start of a new super virus from climate change melting artic lakes. These ancient viruses are unknown to the human immune system..

Next pandemic may come from melting glaciers, new data shows – Analysis of Arctic lake suggests viruses and bacteria locked in ice could reawaken and infect wildlife

Unscientific Method: How NIST Sidestepped the Evidence of Building 7’s Demolition | Ted Walter

Oct 19, 2022

NOTE: Engineers can earn continuing professional development (CPD) credits for attending this webinar or watching the video of it afterward. To earn your CPD credits for this webinar, please email CPD@AE911Truth.org at the conclusion of the webinar with your biggest takeaway regarding technical evidence related to Building 7’s destruction.

In this webinar, AE911Truth Director of Strategy Ted Walter discusses how NIST sidestepped the evidence of Building 7’s demolition, using AE911Truth’s recent request for correction and NIST’s response to the request for correction as a vehicle for examining the evidence and NIST’s handling of it.

For more information, visit https://AE911Truth.org/webinars and https://AE911Truth.org.

Haitians Protest Economic Crisis & Gang Violence, Demand U.S. Stay Out and Allow Domestic Solution

Democracy Now! – Oct 19, 2022

Protests are growing in Port-au-Prince as thousands fill the streets to demand the U.S.-backed Prime Minister Ariel Henry resign after he announced he would raise fuel prices amid an already dire humanitarian crisis. Countries including the U.S. and Canada have sent military equipment to assist the Haitian police in cracking down on the unrest, and the U.S. has been pushing the United Nations Security Council to authorize a security mission, spurring more protests against foreign intervention. “We are seeing people really protesting on the street for the right to [a] sovereign solution to the issues that are happening, and they are saying ‘no’ to an armed invasion from the international community,” says Guerline Jozef, executive director of the Haitian Bridge Alliance.

Here’s EXACTLY What to Do When the Next Megaquake Hits: Cascadia Subduction Zone

PBS Terra –Oct 18, 2022

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Subduction zone earthquakes are the largest and most destructive on earth. In 2004 a 9.1 megaquake hit Sumatra off the coast of Indonesia, unleashing a massive tsunami and killing 227,898 people. And in 2011, the Tohoku earthquake struck Japan, killing around 20,000 and triggering the infamous Fukushima nuclear disaster. In the Pacific northwest lurks the Cascadia Subduction Zone, which has been dormant for centuries and is overdue for its next “big one.” In this episode we’re going to tell you what experts think is the best way to survive this inevitable disaster.