The Dangers of a U.S. – China Cold War – Richard D Wolff

Democracy At Work – Aug 1, 2021

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Prof Wolff explains how the U.S. political decision to ratchet up nationalist and anti-communist sentiments against China is dangerous for both country’s economies and more. Can we learn from historical examples about the dangers of initiating conflict and the benefits of keeping a positive trade relationship?

“It is my hope that we do not let petty political calculations of scapegoat artists like Mr. Trump, and like Mr. Biden sometimes threatens to become, undo a cooperative mechanism.” – Richard D Wolff

This is a clip from the lecture “The Challenge of China [July
2021].” In the full lecture, Prof Wolff discusses the following topics:

1. China’s Economic Growth since its Revolution (1949)
2. China’s Economic “Model” and the Global Economy
3. China, Capitalism, and Socialism
4. China versus the US: Options versus Threats

Watch the full lecture:

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