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Decolonizing Developmental Aid in Africa | Michael Onyebuchi Eze | TEDxUniversiteitVanAmsterdam

TEDx Talks

Published on Aug 8, 2021

Michael Onyebuchi Eze has participated in many community development projects in Africa and has and taught in Universities in Africa, Europe and the USA. His talk is devoted on decolonizing developmental aid in Sub-Saharan Africa. He teaches Philosophy at Leiden University, The Netherlands. Onyebuchi received his PhD (Summa Cum Laude) in History and Cultural Reflection from Universität Witten-Herdecke, Germany and a PhD in Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge. Until recently, he was a docent in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, visiting scholar at the Center for African Studies Stanford University and research associate at the Martin Luther King Jr., Research and Education Institute, Stanford University. He was a Stiftung Mercator Foundation Research Fellow at the Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut (Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities) in Essen, Germany from 2006-2009. He has participated in many community development projects in Africa and has and taught in Universities in Africa, Europe and the USA. He has published many academic and nonacademic books and essays. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

Palestinians Film War in Gaza: ‘So They Know We Existed’ | NYT

The New York Times

Published on Jul 15, 2021

“I removed the password from my phone so that if we didn’t make it out, and we were killed, people would know what happened to us. So they know we existed.” Palestinians in Gaza used their phones to film the toll of the 11-day war in May between Israel and Hamas. They spoke to us about the trauma of violence under an indefinite blockade.

‘Greece has burned’: thousands flee Athens suburb as wildfire spreads

Guardian News

Published on Aug 7, 2021

Thousands of people were forced to flee Thrakomakedones, a suburb of the Greek capital, after strong winds spread wildfires that burned down homes. More than 50 wildfires are burning across Greece as the worst heatwave in more than 30 years has hit the country. Tens of thousands of acres of forestland, homes and buildings have been destroyed and the prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has promised a radical shift in the country’s approach to the climate emergency. Wildfires burn out of control in Greece and Turkey as thousands flee

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman: ‘We’re Not Awake To These Threats Right Now’


Published on Aug 7, 2021

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman became a household name in late 2019 after he testified at a hearing for Donald Trump’s first impeachment – an impeachment that wouldn’t have happened had Vindman not reported then-President Trump’s phone call to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky asking him to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Vindman did what needed to be done; he chose patriotism, he chose to tell the truth. Vindman says despite the “great personal cost…I still stick to the idea that it was worth it because I think I served my nation.” Vindman’s new book, “Here, Right Matters: An American Story,” tells the story of his life in service, and the events and atmosphere that led to a U.S. President’s 2nd impeachment. “Frankly, there’s a deep complacency in America about the danger this country faces.”

Clearing the heavens of space junk

CBS Sunday Morning

Published on Aug 8, 2021

The amount of debris in low-Earth orbit has increased tremendously, putting satellites and the International Space Station in danger of colliding with even the tiniest bits of space junk. Correspondent David Pogue explores how companies are working to create ways to clean up space before disaster happens.

Jeffrey Sachs on why we need to tax billionaires

U Thant– Jul 26, 2021

at the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit

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