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Tropical Storm Fred Wednesday evening update

FOX 13 Tampa Bay – Aug 11, 2021

FOX 13 Chief Meteorologist Paul Dellegatto said, based on the forecast track, Fred will bring lots of rain this weekend to the Tampa Bay Area.

Tropical Storm Fred takes aim as dangerous heat threatens U.S.

CBS Evening News – Aug 11, 2021

CBS New York chief weathercaster Lonnie Quinn has the latest on Tropical Storm Fred and the intense heat that’s expected to blanket the U.S.

Residents in Greece forced to evacuate due to wildfires – BBC News

BBC News Aug 10, 2021

Wildfires are continuing to rip through the Greek island of Evia, prompting residents to flee to safety by sea. More than 2,000 people have already been evacuated, with elderly residents carried onto ferries. Local officials said not enough help had been sent to fight the fires, adding that parts of the island had already been destroyed. Greece is experiencing its most severe heatwave in 30 years in which temperatures have spiked to 45C. Heatwaves such as this are becoming more likely and more extreme because of human-induced climate change. The subsequent hot, dry weather is likely to fuel wildfires.

Aggregation centres connect farmers to markets in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Aug 10, 2021

Smallholder farmers often do not get a fair price for their products due to limited market access and high transportation costs. Women farmers find it particularly difficult to trade fairly.


Climate Change: How prepared is Europe for extreme weather? – BBC Newsnight

BBC News– Aug 11, 2021

As wildfires rage in Greece and Italy registers record temperatures, what impact is climate change already having on Europe and how prepared are governments for what the future holds?

Two days after the IPCC called climate change a ‘code red for humanity’ Europe has reported what would be its ‘highest ever’ temperature – 48.8C in Sicily.

How are people already coping with the impact of climate change and how prepared are European countries for the future?

Climate Change | Today with Claire Byrne & Michael Mann – RTÉ Radio 1


Michael Mann, Professor and Director at the Earth System Science Center (ESSC), Pennsylvania State University

“The End of Neoliberalism”: Rep. Ro Khanna Hails “Historic” $3.5 Trillion Bu dget Plan

Democracy Now!Aug 11, 2021
Senate Democrats passed a $3.5 trillion budget resolution early Wednesday morning that would vastly expand the social safety net, increase taxes on the rich and corporations, improve worker rights and include measures to combat the climate crisis. The budget blueprint passed 50-49, less than 24 hours after a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill was approved 69-30 in the Senate. Both spending packages now go to the House of Representatives, where Speaker Nancy Pelosi has indicated she will not bring the bipartisan bill to the House floor unless the reconciliation bill is considered at the same time. California Congressmember Ro Khanna calls the budget bill “a historic piece of legislation” that marks “the end of neoliberalism” in the United States. “It is a major investment in the American people,” Khanna says.

UN Report: Global warming causing damaging changes in Earth’s oceans

CGTN AmericaAug 11, 2021
A blistering new climate report warns of profound changes underway in the Earth’s oceans. Kim Cobb, a lead author of the new UN report lays out some of the findings

Daniel Goldman Calls For A Criminal Investigation Into Trump | MSNBC

MSNBC – Aug 10, 2021

Former assistant U.S. attorney for SDNY Daniel Goldman says that he believes the January 6 is not enough and calls for the criminal investigation of Trump for real accountability.

Fauci: We’re In A ‘Major’ Covid Surge. This Is Very Serious

MSNBC – Aug 11, 2021

Biden’s chief medical adviser is warning that the nation is in a major Covid surge as states with low vaccination rates see cases and hospitalizations spike. We discuss with medical expert Dr. Irwin Redlener.