Facing Future – Nov 23, 2022

Hosted by Raya Salter, members of The Black Hive, including founder, Valencia Gunder, Wes Gobar, and Dr. Dominic Bednar, as well as singer songwriter AY Young shine a light on the need for global energy justice. Energy is power. How can that power, which has grown out of colonialism and slavery, be shifted to benefit everyone? COP 27, filled with big oil, coal and gas interests, failed to reach a deal to transition equitably and rapidly from fossil fuels, while people throughout the world lack affordable, clean energy and suffer environmental and climate injustice. The Black Hive is working to address the needs of people who have been marginalized and to find a pathway, by advocating programs like community solar, to equitable energy distibution. Edited by Glenn Goodwin Music by AY Young For more information, and to join the Balck Hive, visit For more information on the state of our planet visit the FacingFuture Library at

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