Earth Catastrophe Warning to the World: The 2021 Climate Change Science: Part 1 of 4

Paul Beckwith

Mar 16, 2021

When I presented at COP25 (Conference of Parties 25th edition) in Madrid, Spain I worked a lot with Peter Carter, Regina Valdez, Heidi Brault, Charles Gregoire, and of course the amazing Stuart Scott. All of the videos that I filmed are of course on my blog​ and on my YouTube channel Paul Beckwith. Peter, of course, has his amazingly detailed website called Climate Emergency Institute https://www.climateemergencyinstitute…​ and Stuart (with huge help from Heidi and Charles) has his called Facing Future Earth​ while Regina does a lot of great work with Climate Reality.

In preparations for COP26 in Scotland or virtual, depending of the course of the virus this year, the gang and I are putting out a video a week under our new group name Climate Emergency Forum. In this first video of a four part series, I go through key points on a subsection of Peter’s website called 2021 Climate Science World Warning https://www.climateemergencyinstitute…​ where an initiative to warn key decision makers in governments and the United Nations is ongoing. My main focus in this video series is to discuss in detail the main points in Peter’s 90+ slide deck called 2021 Climate Science World Warning…

Topics include: – Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction Acceleration – Cumulative atmospheric carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide equivalent are all tracking or exceeding the UN IPCC worst case scenario – warming of the planets atmosphere, land, and oceans are all setting new record limits as they inexorably rise at accelerating rates – Arctic changes are the fastest on the planet and have huge risks to our societies and global ecosystems Please donate to my blog​ to support my research and videos on abrupt climate system change.

Soon I will post an searchable Excel Spreadsheet index of all my video topics, release dates, etc. and update it frequently. Please help me get the word out by emailing, Facebooking, Twittering, LinkedInning, Instagramming, Redditing, and Quoruming, etc. all my stuff!!!

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