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Confronting a Growing Public Health Threat: Measles Outbreaks in the U.S.

Bioethics on the Margins: Vulnerable Populations and Health Outcomes

arvard Divinity SchoolPublished on Feb 21, 2019 Wylin D. Wilson, 2018-19 WSRP Visiting Associate Professor, delivers the lecture “‘Bioethics on the Margins: Vulnerable Populations and Health Outcomes.”

Climate Change & Our Health with DR SUSAN PINEDA MERCADO

Climate Reality Premiered 45 minutes ago – Dr. Susan Pineda Mercado has led a distinguished career in medicine and public health for more than 30 years. She’s overseen the response to some of the most complex challenges of public … Continue reading

Dick Cheney’s Doctor Says White House Definitely Hiding Something About Trump’s Health

The Ring of Fire Published on Feb 17, 2019 Former Vice President and current horrible human being Dick Cheney was one of the least healthy vice presidents in modern history, and the White House didn’t even try to hide that … Continue reading

Climate Change & Our Health with ZITOUNI OULD DADA

Climate Reality Premiered 8 hours ago – Dr. Zitouni Ould Dada has more than two decades of experience in the field of environmental policy, and held several senior positions while working for the British government for 15 years. He … Continue reading

Climate Change & Our Health with CARLOS RITTL

Climate Reality Published on Feb 15, 2019 – Dr. Carlos Rittl the Executive Secretary at Climate Observatory joined 24 Hours of Reality to discuss what scientists can do to emphasize the seriousness of the climate crisis.

Climate Change & Our Health with STEVEN MILES

Health from the Soil Up, Daphne Miller, MD

The Edible Schoolyard Project Food-matters,

Planetary Health Alliance | Climate Change, Social Inequity and the People’s Health

Climate change threatens humanity and the planet on which we live. Social inequities, including startling variance in the health outcomes that different population groups enjoy, also pose a threat to humanity, although less directly. Together, the scale of devastation these … Continue reading

In Thailand, tracking animal health to prevent outbreaks of human disease