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How Fukushima Dalichi Nuclear Facility is ticking Time Bomb

BBC Update Published on Feb 28, 2017 How Fukushima Dalichi Nuclear Facility is ticking Time Bomb

Fukushima farmers struggle to overcome stigma six years after nuclear disaster

High radiation levels discovered at Japan’s Fukushima

Al Jazeera English Published on Feb 19, 2017 Unexpectedly high levels of radiation have been found inside one of the damaged reactors at the Fukushima nuclear power station. Nuclear

Government to cut housing assistance to some Fukushima evacuees


Fukushima Is Still Melting Down…


Japan: Levels of Radiation at Fukushima Nuclear Plant are “Unimaginable”

Headlines Feb 08, 2017 And in Japan, scientists say the radiation levels inside a damaged reactor at the Fukushima nuclear power plant are at the highest point since the nuclear plant’s meltdown six years ago. On March 11, 2011, a … Continue reading

Fukushima fallout reaches America’s shores

RT America Published on Dec 9, 2016 RT correspondent Brigida Santos joins RT’s Ed Schultz to discuss the troubling discovery of Cesium-134, an isotope specific to the 2011 triple nuclear meltdown in Fukushima, Japan, which has arrived on America’s west … Continue reading

Japan Fukushima nuclear plant ‘clean-up costs double’ – BBC News

28 November 2016 Japan’s government estimates the cost of cleaning up radioactive contamination and compensating victims of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster has more than doubled, reports say. The latest estimate from the trade ministry put the expected cost at … Continue reading

Inside Fukushima’s Time Bomb – 101 East

Al Jazeera English Published on Aug 25, 2016 Bubbling streams, lush forests, cherry blossoms in full bloom – Japan’s north is stunningly picturesque. But nature’s beauty hides a lethal secret – dangerous levels of radiation contaminate this area, fall-out from … Continue reading

Radiation Along Fukushima Rivers Up to 200 Times Higher Than Pacific Ocean Seabed

Greenpeace sediment sampling in Abukuma river, Miyagi prefecture, February 2016. The Abukuma has a 5,172km2 catchment15 which is largely in Fukushima prefecture, before entering the Pacific ocean in Miyagi prefecture. Greenpeace / Raquel Monton By Greenpeace Radioactive contamination in the … Continue reading