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This week….The President and Billionaires Fight to Destroy Science and Veto the Future | EV & N – 307 | CCTV YouTube Version Through budget cuts, personnel changes and mobilizing “industry scientists” with questionable credentials and little experience the President and the GOP are destroying science for the pursuit of increasing immediate profits in the extractive fossil carbon industries … Continue reading

‘Beware the Ides of March’- Omens of Unnatural Change, Confusion & Conflict Within Political Elites and the Rising Call for Civic Action | EV & N – 305 | CCTV YouTube Version Government inaction, citizen demands for change and a deteriorating global environment all spell trouble ahead for both the rapidly changing ecosystem and the political elites who do neither understand nor can properly respond to the global … Continue reading

Historical Cartography and the Archaeology of the Atlantic Trade | EV & N – 304 | CCRV YouTube Version A detailed examination of digitized maps of coastlines, rivers and islands can yield new insights about the Atlantic trade with Africa. See related: Old Maps, Picks and Shovels: Steps Toward An Archaeology of the Atlantic Slave Trade … Continue reading

Old Maps, Picks and Shovels: Steps Toward An Archaeology of the Atlantic Slave Trade | EV & N – 303 | CCTV YouTube Version Historical maps can be combined with satellite technology to locate important sites for slave trade archaeology. See related: Historical Cartography and the Archaeology of the Atlantic Trade | EV & N – 304 | CCRV Recalling Some … Continue reading

Truth-Sayers & Soothsayers: The Struggle for a Credible Narrative of the Human Prospect | EV & N – 302 | CCTV YouTube Version We are witnessing a remarkable discrepancy between what public leaders think on climate issues and what the youth understand to be true. With the exception of such luminaries as Sir David Attenborough, Bill McKibben and David … Continue reading

What’s Coming in Harvard’s “Heat Week” 2019? A New Season + New Students + a New Urgency + a New President = a New Divestment Policy? | EV & N 301 | CCTV YouTube Version Harvard has a new President, the climate crisis is getting more acute, new students are on campus. Will there be a new divestment policy?   Will students in 2019 remember what has been achieved in the divestment … Continue reading

Slavery: Not Forgiven, Never Forgotten – The Most Powerful Slave Narratives, Historical Documents & Influential Novels

This carefully crafted ebook: “Slavery: Not Forgiven, Never Forgotten” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents: Memoirs Narrative of Frederick Douglass 12 Years a Slave The Underground Railroad Up From Slavery Willie Lynch Letter … Continue reading

Climate Change & Our Health with STEVEN MILES

Beyond Greed and Malice: Parents, Children & The Struggle for a Hopeful Future | EV & N – 300 | CCTV YouTube Version Parents and grandparents are working with their children and grandchildren to forge a positive and hopeful future because the youth realizes that government policies around the world — and especially within the United States — are … Continue reading

Education in the Face of Catastrophe: What Do We Really Learn from Universities in Times of Global Crisis? | EV & N – 299 | CCTV YouTube Version Modern universities are corporations. When under stress they often betray their moral and educational obligations toward students in favor of the priorities of their generous benefactors,  corporate donors or government funding agencies.  In exchange for their … Continue reading