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Zika spraying goes ahead in Miami despite protests over insecticide-use

euronews (in English) Published on Sep 9, 2016 Planes have completed an aerial spraying for mosquitoes carrying Zika in Miami, despite protests over the insecticide’s possible harmful effects. The spraying was delayed for 24 hours after local protests. Experts say … Continue reading

Senator Ed Markey Urges Action to Combat the Zika Virus, September 8, 2016

Senator Markey Published on Sep 8, 2016 United States Senate Floor Global Climate Change Environment Ethics Environment Justice

CDC Director Speaks Out on Fight Against Zika

Sep 7, 2016From and New cases of the Zika virus keep popping up in Florida, and Puerto Rico has about 8,700 confirmed cases. And now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is running out of money to … Continue reading

WHO issue safe sex advice to stem Zika’s spread

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Millions of Honeybees Killed in Attempt to Prevent Zika Dan Zukowski Aerial spraying of the pesticide naled in a South Carolina county, done in an attempt to prevent Zika-infected mosquitoes from gaining a foothold in the state, resulted instead in the massacre of millions of honeybees. On one … Continue reading

Spillover – Zika, Ebola & Beyond

hossain mohammad shahed sazzad Published on Aug 9, 2016 The original video is available in… However, we could not see the video from Bangladesh. Therefore, I am uploading the video so that, we can see. Because The film will … Continue reading

The Devastating Impact Of Brazil’s Zika Crisis

Journeyman Pictures Published on Mar 30, 2016 Love in the Time of Zika: An examination of the devastating impact of the Zika virus in Brazil, told through the eyes of the mothers. Global Climate Change Environment Ethics Environment Justice

Zika virus: 2.2 billion people in ‘at risk’ areas – BBC News

By James Gallagher Health editor, BBC News website 21 April 2016 From the section Health Related Topics Zika virus outbreak Zika outbreak: What you need to know  Zika outbreak: Travel advice  Mothers’ fears amid Zika outbreak  Video How mums-to-be are … Continue reading

Zika: Two billion at risk in Africa and Asia, study says – BBC News

Related Topics Zika virus outbreak More than two billion people could be at risk from Zika virus outbreaks in parts of Africa and Asia, according to scientists writing in The Lancet Infectious Diseases. Populations in India, Indonesia and Nigeria are … Continue reading

Australian Honey Bee Decline, New MN Rules, Zika News – YouTube

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