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En-ROADS Introduction for Bill McKibben and The New Yorker

Positivity at Last: Bill McKibben

Earth Optimism Published on May 15, 2020 The author of “The End of Nature” and co-founder of talks about what gives him hope. Lauren Ward, Interviewer – Earth Science Video Producer, NASA Bill McKibben – Writer, Environmentalist & Activist

Big Oil’s Reign is Finally Weakening | Bill McKibben

On some long-distant day when some as-yet-unborn historian sits down to write the story of climate change—the story of the greatest crisis humans ever faced—it’s possible that they’ll choose an anecdote from this past week as a way into the … Continue reading

Bill McKibben and Elizabeth Kolbert on the Coronavirus Pandemic and the Environment | The New Yorker

  With David Remnick April 20, 2020 Bill McKibben and Elizabeth Kolbert join David Remnick to talk about the twin crises of our time: the coronavirus pandemic and the climate emergency. What can one teach us about the other? During … Continue reading

How to Combat Climate Depression | Bill McKibben | The New Yorker

Photograph by Ike Edeani for The New Yorker By Bill McKibben   April 30, 2020 If there existed some kind of gauge for measuring ambient sadness, I imagine the needle would now be pinned to the far end of the red. … Continue reading

This Earth Day, we must stop the fossil fuel money pipeline | Bill McKibben | Environment | The Guardian

Wed 22 Apr 2020 06.30 EDT Taking down the fossil fuel industry requires taking on the institutions that finance it. Even during a pandemic, this movement is gaining steam 1970 was a simpler time. (February was a simpler time too, … Continue reading

Bill McKibben on Earth Day at 50: We Must Stop Subsidizing Fossil Fuel Industry Wrecking the Planet

Democracy Now! Apr 22, 2020 April 22 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, when more than 20 million Americans joined in actions to protect the environment — 10% of the U.S. population at the time. Half a century later, … Continue reading

Mary Annaïse Heglar- Bill McKibben – The New Yorker

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed one particularly shocking thing about our societies and economies: they have been operating on a very thin margin. The edifice seems so shiny and substantial, a world of silver jets stitching together cities of towering … Continue reading

Why It’s Time To Take On The Big Banks – Bill McKibben

The YEARS Project Mar 11, 2020 Author and co-founder Bill McKibben explains why it’s time for the climate movement to take on big banks like Chase. Since the Paris Agreement, which should have signaled that it’s time to move … Continue reading

Daily Newsletter – Bill McKibben – “Working Together Is What Humans Are Built to Do”

  The coronavirus pandemic is now so sprawling that it has revealed the souls of tens of thousands of individuals, from remarkably kind nurses to online sellers seeking to corner the market for hand sanitizers (until finally deciding to donate … Continue reading