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Fracking Water Use Explodes | Climate Denial Crock of the Week Inside Climate News: As the fracking boom matures, the drilling industry’s use of water and other fluids to produce oil and natural gas has grown dramatically in the past several years, outstripping the growth of the fossil fuels it … Continue reading

Yes on Measure G to Ban Fracking

Food & Water Watch Published on Oct 16, 2018 Vote YES on Measure G this November 6th to protect our water, land and air by banning new future fossil fuel extraction and preventing fracking in San Luis Obispo County.

Lawsuits Ramp Up As Science AGAIN Determines Fracking Causes Earthquakes

Plastics, Pipelines, Fracking & Our Planet Webinar

Food & Water Watch Published on Jun 21, 2018 Fracking doesn’t just fuel power plants, it also provides raw materials to the petrochemical industry. While the public health threat posed by drilling grows more severe every day, the refining of … Continue reading

Water, Fracking, and Human Health: Eliza Griswold at TEDxColumbiaSIPA

A fracking wake-up call: Jolynn Minaar at TEDxUCT

Food, fracking and why I love Richard Nixon: Peter Hoffman at TEDxManhattan 2013

Fault Lines – Fracking in America

Al Jazeera English Published on Nov 21, 2012 For years now, the United States has tried to lower its dependence on foreign oil for its energy needs. With stability in the Middle East in question, drilling at home has never … Continue reading

Exposing the real price of the US fracking industry

Journeyman Pictures Published on May 26, 2015 Fractured Earth: The Pennsylvania towns polluted and poisoned by Shale Gas extraction Inside The Shale Gas Boom:… Shell’s Controversial Patagonian Fracking Project:… Subscribe to Journeyman for more:… For downloads and … Continue reading

When fracking meets flooding – is Colorado headed for disaster?

Truthloader Published on Sep 20, 2013 The US state of Colorado is home to tens of thousands of gas wells, places where the controversial practice of fracking is carried out. But it is also a flood plain and has just … Continue reading