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Seeds of Science: Why We Got It So Wrong On GMOs: Mark Lynas

“An important contribution to an issue with enormous potential for benefiting humanity.” Stephen Pinker The inside story of the fight for and against genetic modification in food, from someone who’s been on the front line of both sides of the … Continue reading

2021 – International year for the elimination of child labour

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Started streaming 11 minutes agoThe regional workshop aims at giving voice to and discussing game-changing solutions of regional actors, contributing to the international community’s efforts to address child labour. Each speaker will … Continue reading

Yale Macmillan Center Program in Agrarian Studies

The Program in Agrarian Studies at Yale is an experimental, interdisciplinary effort to reshape how a new generation of scholars understands rural life and society. Our basic goal is to infuse categories of social science research in danger of becoming … Continue reading

Domination and the Arts of Resistance: Hidden Transcripts: James C. Scott, James C.

Confrontations between the powerless and the powerful are laden with deception – the powerless feign deference and the powerful subtly assert their mastery. Peasants, serfs, untouchables, slaves, labourers, and prisoners are not free to speak their minds in the presence … Continue reading

The Agrarian Studies Program at Yale University: An Oral History

Oral History Center of The Bancroft Library– Sep 17, 2020 Interviews with James C. Scott and affiliated faculty on the history of the Yale Agrarian Studies Program, now celebrating 30 Years! See for more information about The Yale Agrarian … Continue reading

Your Microbiome and Your Brain

SciShow – Jun 14, 2017 We’ve talked about the trillions of microbes inside you before, but we’re learning that these little creatures may have more influence than you thought! Meet your Microbiome:… Dooblydoo thanks go to the following Patreon … Continue reading

How to optimize your gut and brain bacteria | Dave Asprey | Big Think

Big Think– Jul 27, 2019 How to optimize your gut and brain bacteria New videos DAILY: The importance of the microbiome has really come to the fore in the last five years. Viome, a company that analyzed the feces … Continue reading

Reclaiming Our Common Home, Vandana Shiva

The path to an ecological civilization is paved by reclaiming the commons—our common home, the Earth, and the commons of the Earth family, of which we are a part. Through reclaiming the commons, we can imagine possibility for our common … Continue reading

Future of Work | Farming and the Technological Revolution | PBS

PBS – Sep 12, 2021 Official Website: | #FutureOfWorkPBS Technology has completely changed the way that farmers do things today, from the seeds that they plant to the way they drive their equipment. Sarah Lovas’s family has been farming … Continue reading

How China feeds the world’s largest population

CGTN AmericaAug 21, 2021 In China, the population makes up 20 percent of the world’s population, but the country only has 10 percent of the world’s resources. Through technological innovations, like advancements in agricultural machinery, to infrastructure improvements that better … Continue reading