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Global Hunger with Raj Patel

CGTN America Jan 18, 2020 The world currently produces enough food to feed the planet. Yet, 1 in 9 people go hungry, and at the same time, more than 2 billion are obese. What accounts for what the United Nation … Continue reading

Inside The Arctic Doomsday Seed Vault For The First Time (360 Video)

Seeker VR Sep 29, 2016 Subscribe to Seeker VR ►►► For years now, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault has been collecting seeds in case a natural disaster or food crisis breaks out. So what is it like inside the … Continue reading

GMO Food Fears and the First Test Tube Tomato | Retro Report

RETRO REPORT Jul 26, 2017 In the 1990s, a bunch of gene jockeys brought the first genetically engineered food to market. The business crashed, but biotech science has flourished far beyond the produce aisle. Food-matters,

Health Dangers From Monsanto’s Roundup

The Real Truth About Health Published on Jan 11, 2020 Health Dangers From Monsanto’s Roundup by Jeffrey M. Smith Studies show how a NON-GMO Organic Diet helped 3250 people recover from 28 disorders. The biotech industry’s claim that genetically modified … Continue reading

What can we do to protect the health of plants?

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Jan 10, 2020 We can all support plant health by… Reducing our environmental impact by cutting waste and polluting less, Supporting organisms that protect plant life, Respecting our natural resources, and Ensuring … Continue reading

Armyworm Invasion Threatens Malawi’s Food Security

VOA News Jan 10, 2020 Authorities in Malawi say an invasion by fall armyworms is threatening to create food shortages in the southern African country. Since the start of the rainy season in November, the worms have destroyed crops for … Continue reading

What Key Nutrients Come From Meat, Fish, And Milk?

The Real Truth About Health Dec 14, 2019 What Key Nutrients Come From Meat, Fish, And Milk? by Brenda Davis, R.D. Brenda Davis offers fresh insights on the treatment of animals in food production and other industries, the latest findings … Continue reading

Urban Food Agenda – International Consultation

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Dec 11, 2019 SPL4 Food-matters,

Hold The Line Episode 4: The true cost of industrial agriculture development in Brazil

Greenpeace International Dec 3, 2019 The Cerrado is a huge ecosystem in Brazil, encompassing 25% of the country’s landscape. It is a wildlife-rich savannah where many freshwater springs are born. The region is also home to traditional communities who have … Continue reading

The reality behind industrial meat: Have you heard about “the green tides”?

Greenpeace International Dec 9, 2019 This famous French Chef from Top chef, had a shocking experience when he set out to learn more about something called the ‘green tide’. – “Just running on the beach, and you could die..” Food-matters,