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Zongyuan Zoe Liu on China’s food security

CGTN America – Mar 16, 2023 #WorldToday #China24 CGTN’s Mike Walter speaks with Zongyuan Zoe Liu – fellow for international political economy at the Council on Foreign Relations, and the author of “Sovereign Funds: How the Communist Party of China … Continue reading

The Promises of Regenerative Agriculture with Alana Siegner and Ryan Peterson

The Edible Schoolyard Project Streamed live 2 hours ago Food-matters, See related: The “Green Revolution:” Its Essence, Achievements & Aftermath

Dr. David Johnson, Dr. Elaine Ingham, and Dr. Carla Portugal in a Live Panel Discussion

Dr. Elaine’s Soil Food Web School – Mar 14, 2023 #soilfoodweb #soilregeneration #soilmicrobiology This event will be broadcast LIVE from the Soil Regen Summit 2023. ✅ To join the live panel and ASK your questions of the speakers, AND to watch presentations … Continue reading

Community Managed Natural Farming – Vijay Kumar

AFSAfrica – Sep 23, 2020 Vijay Kumar presents the revolutionary CMNF initiative which has already converted 600,000 farmers to agroecology. Food-matters,

World Food Programme Chief David Beasley: Act now to end global hunger

United Nations Association of the USA Oct 16, 2017 The United Nations’ World Food Programme is on the front lines combating the world’s food crises and feeding 80 million people in around 80 countries every year. David Beasley, former South … Continue reading

Biden wants to tackle seed sector concentration – Marketplace The Joe Biden administration has been on a mission to boost competition in the American economy. Working under a sweeping executive order to that effect, federal agencies have taken aim at bank overdraft fees and “noncompete” agreements that keep … Continue reading

George Monbiot on Dutch farmer protests & misinformation spread by Russell Brand | Sentient Media

Sentient Media – Feb 16, 2023 #russellbrand #farmerprotest #georgemonbiot In this conversation, George Monbiot, @theGuardian columnist, environmental campaigner and author and Sentient Media’s executive director Ana Bradley explore the nitrate crisis in The Netherlands, Dutch farmer protests and far-right conspiracy … Continue reading

Climate change or politics? – Why Madagascar is going hungry | DW Documentary

DW Documentary Nov 14, 2022 #dwdocumentary #madagascar #documentary There’s been no proper rainfall in southern Madagascar for seven years. The ground is arid, people are suffering from hunger and thirst. The UN says this is the first hunger crisis directly … Continue reading

China issues ‘No. 1 central document for 2023,’ highlights tasks on rural vitalization

CGTN Feb 13, 2023 For more:… China unveiled its “No. 1 central document” for 2023 on Monday, outlining nine tasks in comprehensively promoting rural revitalization this year. See related: The Malthus Insight and the Global Limits of “Green Revolution” … Continue reading

How the West is Pushing Experimental GMO Food Aid on Africa

2nacheki Feb 7, 2023 In this video, we’ll explore how the West is pushing experimental GMO food aid on Africa. This food aid is intended to help African countries overcome famine, but some are concerned that it may be harmful … Continue reading