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Seeds of Famine: Ecological Destruction and the Development Dilemma in the West African Sahel: Richard W. Franke, Barbara H. Chasin Examines the ecological destruction of export-led agricultural development strategies.

On the Brink of Famine 360° | FRONTLINE


Drought and Agriculture – Predict, Plan and Prepare: Stop Drought Becoming Famine

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Published on Jun 16, 2017 To meet the Sustainable Development Goals, the world needs to move faster from a crisis-led response to a proactive approach that reduces impacts, builds resilience and allows … Continue reading

The Stream – Famine and drought

Al Jazeera English Published on Jul 14, 2017 On the Stream: Famine and Drought: Millions in Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen face threat of starving. Part 2: Al Jazeera English Published on Jul 17, 2017 Follow The Stream and … Continue reading

War, famine and cholera: Is no one able to help Yemen?

Al Jazeera English Published on Jul 13, 2017 The war in Yemen has been called The Perfect Storm. The Arab world’s poorest country is on the brink of famine and struggling with the world’s worst outbreak of cholera. The UN … Continue reading

From heatwaves to hurricanes, floods to famine: seven climate change hotspots | Environment | The Guardian

Mapping the world’s climate hot spots and identifying where the impacts will be the greatest is increasingly important for governments and those who need to prioritise resources. Photograph: Stephane Mahe/Reuters John Vidal Friday 23 June 2017 12.00 BST It could … Continue reading

Joel Berg on World Hunger Day and rising concerns for famine hit countries


Can famine in Africa be contained? – Inside Story


#CuriousGoat: Submit A Question About World Hunger And Famine : Goats and Soda : NPR

Mohamed Abdiwahab/AFP/Getty Images Somali children walk to a food distribution on the outskirts of Mogadishu on April 9. April 21, 20173:51 PM ET  NPR Staff What do you want to know about world hunger? One thing we do know is … Continue reading

African Crisis Looming Over Threat of Famine

Associated Press Published on Mar 28, 2017 The world’s largest humanitarian crisis in 70 years is looming as three African countries are on brink of famine. (March 28) Food-matters