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Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too | FAO | Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

One of the biggest issues related to climate change is food security. The world’s poorest – many of whom are farmers, fishers and pastoralists – are being hit hardest by higher temperatures and an increasing frequency in weather-related disasters. At … Continue reading

Victor Wallis reviews ‘Facing the Anthropocene’

  Victor Wallis, Posted on October 24, 2016 ‘Ian Angus’s distinctive contribution is to underscore, with his geologically grounded perspective, the need to combine immediate measures of relief with a long-term agenda of transformation.’ Noted socialist scholar Victor Wallis is a … Continue reading

North Dakota: Police Arrest Over 100 Water Protectors

October 24, 2016Headlines In North Dakota, police arrested over 100 people this weekend who gathered for a peaceful march opposing construction of the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline. The demonstrators, who call themselves protectors, not protesters, were arrested after they … Continue reading

Meet the Journalist Facing 45 Years in Jail for Filming Pipeline Protest in North Dakota

Democracy Now! Published on Oct 24, 2016 – Are North Dakota authorities waging a war against the public’s right to know about the ongoing Standing Rock pipeline protests? We are joined by documentary filmmaker Deia Schlosberg, who was charged … Continue reading

Actor Shailene Woodley On Her Arrest, Strip Search and Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance

Democracy Now! Published on Oct 24, 2016 – At least 27 people, including Hollywood actress Shailene Woodley, were arrested during the Standoff at Standing Rock on October 10, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, while attempting to blockade the Dakota Access pipeline … Continue reading

Josh Fox: Arrest of Journalists and Filmmakers Covering the Dakota Pipeline is a Threat to Democracy

Democracy Now! Published on Oct 24, 2016 – Award-winning filmmaker Josh Fox joins us to discuss the arrest of fellow filmmaker Deia Schlosberg, who is charged with three felonies for filming an act of civil disobedience in which climate … Continue reading

North Dakota: Water Protectors Erect New Frontline Camp Directly in Path of Dakota Access Pipeline

Democracy Now! Published on Oct 24, 2016 – On Sunday, hundreds of water protectors erected a new frontline camp of several structures and tipis directly on the proposed path of the Dakota Access pipeline. The new frontline camp is … Continue reading

Standing Rock: Police Arrest 120+ Water Protectors as Dakota Access Speeds up Pipeline Construction

Democracy Now! Published on Oct 24, 2016 – We go to North Dakota for an update on the ongoing Standoff at Standing Rock, where thousands of Native Americans representing more than 200 tribes from across the Americas are resisting … Continue reading

US navy investigates possible missile attack from Yemen on American ships | World news | The Guardian The US navy on Sunday began investigating a possible overnight missile attack from Yemen on a group of American warships in the Red Sea, amid uncertainty about what transpired. Associated Press in Dubai US warships in Red Sea ‘had … Continue reading

Food waste: Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 13,235 234 views Published on Oct 5, 2016… Waste less. Global food wastage emissions are almost equal to global road transport emissions. FAO is helping countries to adapt agriculture to climate … Continue reading