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Unravelling China’s “sinister plan” to “unleash coronavirus”

potholer54 Published on May 15, 2021 ” Leaked 2015 Chinese Military Document Reveals A Discussion By Top Chinese Scientists To Weaponize The SARS Coronavirus To Cripple Medical Systems”… story:…… Sky news:… Chinese book title: 非典非自然起源和人制人新种病毒基因武器-李峰-徐德忠 … Continue reading

CDC Official Who Sounded Early Alarm On Coronavirus Resigns : Coronavirus Updates : NPR

Updated May 7, 20213:44 PM ET Becky Sullivan Dr. Nancy Messonnier joins other officials during an early coronavirus briefing in January 2020: Dr. Robert Redfield (left), then CDC director; Alex Azar (center), then Department of Health and Human Services secretary; … Continue reading

WHO-led inquiry ends with even more questions than it began with on coronavirus origin

60 Minutes – Mar 31, 2021 A lack of transparency from Chinese officials and looming geopolitical consequences have damaged the credibility of a WHO-led inquiry into how the virus that causes COVID-19 originated. Lesley Stahl reports.

How do coronavirus variants form and will the current vaccines work against them?

60 Minutes – Mar 14, 2021 New, mutated strains of the coronavirus are causing worry around the world as health officials race to vaccinate as many people as possible. Dr. Jon LaPook reports on why the new strains are popping … Continue reading

Coronavirus-related deaths top three million worldwide

CGTN Africa Published on Apr 18, 2021 The global death toll from the coronavirus pandemic has topped three million. This comes as the World Health Organization warned that the world was approaching the highest rate of infections so far. The … Continue reading

Biden’s full speech on the anniversary of coronavirus lockdowns – 3/11

Washington Post Streamed live 2 hours ago President Biden will address the nation on March 11, marking the first anniversary of the coronavirus crisis and shutdowns across the U.S. The address is scheduled to be given hours after Biden signed … Continue reading

The Coronavirus Exposes America’s Public Health Crisis: Racism

GBH Forum Network – Mar 9, 2021 The Covid-19 pandemic is the most devastating health issue of this century. It has disproportionately impacted African Americans and other marginalized populations, heightening awareness of racism as the root of America’s public health … Continue reading

CORONAVIRUS: A Community Conversation in Boston

GBH Forum Network Streamed live on Mar 8, 2020 The Museum of Science, in collaboration with WGBH, hosts a free, community-wide town-hall forum to discuss the latest details around the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). This is an opportunity to join … Continue reading

Discuss the Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution Solutions

ArcGIS – Jan 27, 2021 Achieving high coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccination rates requires a robust and transparent public education campaign that provides accurate vaccine information, progress on the distribution plan, and guidance needed to access a vaccination. At this … Continue reading

Doctor demonstrates breathing technique for coronavirus patients

BBC London – Apr 10, 2020 A doctor at Queen’s hospital has demonstrated a breathing technique to help coronavirus patients with respiratory symptoms. Dr Sarfaraz Munshi initially recorded the video for his friends and family, but it went viral after … Continue reading