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What future for universities? Coronavirus upends higher learning

FRANCE 24 English May 21, 2020 #Cambridge University’s decision to shift all its face-to-face #learning #online for a year in response to Covid-19 has shaken the basic assumptions about higher education to their core. While students will still be in … Continue reading

The Story Of Coronavirus Whistleblowers in the U.S.

CGTN May 26, 2020 Reports are growing of Americans being fired for exposing information about COVID-19. And this might just be the tip of the iceberg. No one knows how many in the U.S. have been victimized for telling the … Continue reading

US farmers at risk of coronavirus

Al Jazeera English Apr 5, 2020 Farmers in the United States are regarded as being in a high-risk group for the coronavirus pandemic. That is despite working in the vast, open fields of the so-called “farm belt” in the midwest. … Continue reading

Already struggling farmers hit hard by coronavirus

CBS Evening News Apr 3, 2020 The coronavirus pandemic has hit America’s farmers from Texas to Minnesota. They already have been facing financial hardships, worsened by a trade war and labor shortages. Mireya Villarreal reports. Food-matters,

U.S. farmers struggle with coronavirus’ effect on labor

CBS This Morning Apr 3, 2020 Farmers across the country are struggling with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Some dairy farmers are being forced to dump their milk due to school and restaurant closures slashing demand, while others are … Continue reading

How Western “complacent exceptionalism” is driving the spread of the coronavirus

Democracy Now! May 26, 2020 New Zealand implemented one of the earliest lockdowns and has largely succeeded in halting the spread of the coronavirus under the leadership of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Michael Baker, epidemiologist and a member of the … Continue reading

EP.873: Dr. Vandana Shiva: Why Treating Coronavirus as a War Will NOT Work!

Going Underground on RT May 4, 2020 On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Dr. Vandana Shiva, the founder of Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Natural Resource Policy who was awarded the Right Livelihood Award, also known … Continue reading

Largest food bank in U.S. stretched thin amid coronavirus pandemic

CBS This Morning Apr 30, 2020 The Houston Food Bank in Texas is the largest in the U.S., and it has seen demand spike after the coronavirus pandemic put many Americans out of work. While they estimate giving out 80 … Continue reading

Coronavirus cases have exploded in Brazil, Latin America’s largest economy

FRANCE 24 English May 25, 2020 Brazil now has the second-biggest caseload in the world, after the United States. It has registered more than 22,000 deaths. Anthony Pereira, director of the King’s College Brazil Institute, was our guest.

Why 42% of coronavirus-related job losses will be permanent: Economist

CNBC Television May 15, 2020 Steven Davis, University of Chicago Booth School, joins ‘Power Lunch’ to discuss the study which found many of the jobs lost during the economy’s self-reduced recession may never come back.