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Japan may dump radioactive nuclear waste from Fukushima into Pacific

CTV News Published on Sep 10, 2019 Japan may dump radioactive water from the damaged Fukushima power plant into the Pacific Ocean. Angie Seth reports.

SHOCKING & Wasteful Price of Nuclear Power Revealed

Thom Hartmann Program Published on Sep 10, 2019 A whopping $49 billion has been recently been spent in the US on propping up 15 aging reactors through subsidies and building two new — and still incomplete — ones. How did … Continue reading

2020 Dem Candidates Talk Fracking, Green New Deal, Nuclear Energy & More at Climate Crisis Town Hall

Image Credit: CNN Sep 05, 2019 Ten 2020 hopefuls took to the stage in New York City Wednesday night for a climate town hall hosted by CNN. In a seven-hour marathon, the candidates discussed their climate plans, the fossil fuel … Continue reading

Can nuclear power save us from climate catastrophe? MIT professor weighs in

Democracy Now! Published on Aug 27, 2019 Proponents of nuclear power often bill the option as a panacea to the impending climate crisis, arguing that it is a clean alternative to a carbon-reliant industry. Kate Brown, professor of science, technology … Continue reading

Mysterious Russian Nuclear Missile Accident Sparks Fears of Cover-Up & “Chernobyl Redux”

Democracy Now! Published on Aug 26, 2019 Questions are swirling over a mysterious nuclear accident in northern Russia on August 8. Seven people, including five nuclear scientists, died in an explosion, which caused a radiation spike in the surrounding area … Continue reading

Nuclear – Unreported Deaths, Child Cancer & Radioactive Meat: The Untold Story of Chernobyl

Democracy Now! Published on Aug 26, 2019 Following a mysterious nuclear accident in Russia that left seven dead, we look back at the 1986 nuclear disaster in Chernobyl. It sent a cloud of radioactive fallout into Russia, Belarus and over … Continue reading

Sen. Merkley on the Dangers of a New Nuclear Arms Race & Why He Backs the Green New Deal

Democracy Now! Published on Aug 23, 2019 Fallout from the Trump administration’s decision to pull out of the landmark 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty is mounting. Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his military to prepare for what he called … Continue reading

Trump ‘suggested firing nuclear weapons at hurricanes to stop them hitting US’ , report claims | The Independent

  Donald Trump suggested firing nuclear weapons into hurricanes to prevent them hitting the US, reports in Washington claim. The president is said to have raised the idea of bombing hurricanes with senior Homeland Security and national security officials on … Continue reading

Western media suspicious as Russian nuclear monitoring sites go silent

RT Published on Aug 21, 2019 Western media are warning Russian radiation monitoring stations have gone silent, following an explosion earlier this month, at a military site in the country’s north.

Fears of Renewed Arms Race as U.S. Tests Ground Missile and Questions Remain over Russian Nuclear Accident Blast

Aug 20, 2019 The United States has tested a ground-launched medium-range cruise missile — just weeks after Trump formally withdrew from the landmark Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Such a test would have been banned under the INF. Russia today condemned … Continue reading