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World one misstep from ‘nuclear annihilation’, says UN chief

Guardian News – Aug 1, 2022 The United Nations secretary-general, António Guterres, has said that a small misunderstanding could cause the nuclear annihilation of humanity.

Survivor compares Kentucky flooding to a ‘nuclear bomb’ | NewsNation Prime

Jul 28, 2022 Clay Nickles, who survived the flooding, told NewsNation it looks like a nuclear bomb went off in eastern Kentucky.

Hiroshima: Dropping the Bomb | Nuclear

July 24, 2007 Hear first-hand accounts from the air and ground, re-telling every memory from the day the world first witnessed the horrors of atomic warfare. Watch in High Quality here –… Watch more Hiroshima from BBC Worldwide here: … Continue reading

Pascoe Sabido: Nuclear energy and gas lobbyists need to kept far away from decision makers

May 24 2022 While the world looks in the direction of war, the EU is sneakily introducing a taxonomy labelling nuclear and gas energy as ‘sustainable’. Let’s be clear: they can neither serve the green transition, nor be intermediary solutions … Continue reading

German Peace Activist Warns Finland Joining NATO Could Be Step Toward Nuclear War with Russia

May 13 2022 Finland’s president and prime minister say they plan to end decades of neutrality and join NATO. Sweden is also expected to seek NATO membership. The Kremlin says Russia sees the expansion of NATO on its borders as … Continue reading

The legacy of uranium mining on Navajo lands | On Point | nuclear

FILE – This Nov. 13, 1975, file photo, shows signs along the Rio Puerco warning residents in three languages to avoid the water in Church Rock, N.M. after a uranium tailings spill. A group representing Navajo communities is presenting its … Continue reading

Russia’s increased nuclear threats: How will NATO respond? | DW News

Apr 26 2022 Days after launching his invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin put his strategic nuclear arsenal on high alert — a warning to the west not to interfere. Analysts believe the risk of an all-out nuclear war … Continue reading

Ukraine Accuses Russia of Firing Missiles Over 3 Nuclear Power Plants, Raising Fear of New Disaster

Apr 29 2022 Nuclear watchdogs are expressing alarm over safety conditions at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which has been under Russian control since early March after a fight that led to a fire near one of the plant’s reactors. … Continue reading

Remembering the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: 10 Years On | Nuclear

Trita Parsi: War Could Be on Horizon If Iran Nuclear Deal Is Not Restored Soon

Apr 8 2022 Will the U.S. and Iran revive the 2015 nuclear deal abandoned by the Trump administration? President Biden is facing heat from lawmakers in both parties who oppose the deal, which would relax U.S. sanctions on Iran in … Continue reading