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Bill McKibben & Vandana Shiva in Conversation – Social Transformation: Visions & Mobilizations

Right Livelihood Foundation Nov 22, 2020 Before the coronavirus pandemic, we already knew social transformation was necessary. Now we know it’s possible. Political and economic policies that were previously fringe are now front and center in national and international conversations. … Continue reading

Bill McKibben – The Climate Crisis – The New Yorker

Every year at this time, the International Energy Agency publishes its annual World Energy Outlook, which is the equivalent of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue for oil executives. That is, it incarnates their fantasies, especially the one about how this … Continue reading

Mary Berry and Bill McKibben In Conversation

Schumacher Center for New Economics Aug 27, 2020 Jodie Evans moderated a conversation between Mary Berry and Bill McKibben on August 27, 2020 as part of the Schumacher Conversation series. More information at

Living on Earth: Bill McKibben on the Divestment Movement

Smoke from the Camp wildfire in Ukiah, California. (Photo: Bob Dass, Flickr, CC BY 2.0) Harvard is one of the latest in a series of wealthy institutions around the world announcing steps towards pulling their investments in the fossil … Continue reading

Making a Planet Worth Saving | The New Yorker | Bill McKibben

The events of the past few weeks make one wonder: If we’re just going to use solar power instead of coal to run the same sad mess of unfair and ugly oppression, is it really worth it?Photograph by Vanessa Charlot … Continue reading

Trump Was Role-Playing Churchill—What a Colossal Flop | The New Yorker | Bill McKibben

Winston Churchill seems to have been on the President’s mind since he took office, but it’s nearly impossible to imagine two more different leaders.Photograph by Brendan Smialowski / Getty If the battle of Lafayette Park turns—as seems possible—into Donald Trump’s most … Continue reading

Bridging the Virtual Gap with Bill McKibben on Vimeo

For this week’s webinar, we are thrilled to be joined by author and environmental activist Bill McKibben. In 2008, Bill founded, an organization focused on bringing together a movement to end fossil fuels, build community resilience, and address environmental … Continue reading & Bill McKibben – Response: Planet of the Humans Documentary

  A Youtube video emerged on Earth Day eve making charges about me and about — namely that I was a supporter of biomass energy, and that 350 and I were beholden to corporate funding, and have misled our … Continue reading

If Trump Goes Even Lower, We’d Better Be Prepared | The New Yorker | Bill McKibben

By Bill McKibben June 3, 2020 Events are now moving at high speed in this country—every day, President Trump and his crew gallop past new lines, so that the morning’s flagrant usurpation is legitimized by the evening’s even more outrageous … Continue reading

Racism, Police Violence, and the Climate Are Not Separate Issues – Bill McKibben

I find that lots of people are surprised to learn that, by overwhelming margins, the two groups of Americans who care most about climate change are Latinx Americans and African-Americans. But, of course, those communities tend to be disproportionately exposed … Continue reading