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From Keystone XL Pipeline to #DAPL: Jasilyn Charger, Water Protector from Cheyenne River Reservation

Democracy Now! Published on Jan 6, 2017 – As Native American elders fighting the Dakota Access pipeline extinguish the Seven Council Fires at Standing Rock, we speak with Jasilyn Charger, a water protector from Cheyenne River Reservation, who has … Continue reading

Canada’s Trudeau Plans to Work with Trump Admin to Approve Keystone XL, Pu mp Exxon-owned Tar Sands into U.S. | DeSmogBlog

By Steve Horn • Wednesday, December 21, 2016 – 16:21 At a speech given to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he intends to work with President-elect Donald Trump to approve the northern leg … Continue reading

Not a Done Deed: Trump Will Face Legal Barriers in Attempts to Approve Keystone XL

TheRealNews Published on Nov 17, 2016 The environmental movement is up against great odds, but its previous victories in denying the project should encourage it to renew a sense of solidarity and continue struggle against pipelines

Why Dakota Is the New Keystone | Bill McKibben

Dakota Access Pipeline protesters facing police officers in North Dakota this month. Credit Terray Sylvester/Reuters MIDDLEBURY, Vt. — The Native Americans who have spent the last months in peaceful protest against an oil pipeline along the banks of the Missouri … Continue reading

Robert Paine, Ecologist Who Found ‘Keystone Species,’ Dies at 83

By SAM ROBERTS  JUNE 17, 2016 Photo Dr. Robert Paine spent much of his time on the coast of Washington State, studying his “keystone” species theory using starfish. Credit Anne Paine Robert Paine, a groundbreaking, hands-on ecologist who found that … Continue reading

TransCanada’s Plan B ‘Is Truly Keystone XL on Steroids’

Over the course of a single year, the NRDC states, tankers could carry 328 million barrels of tar sands oil down the East Coast—enough oil to fill more than 20,000 Olympic pools.Andrew Priest / Flickr By Deirdre Fulton The pipeline … Continue reading

Have Protests Killed the Keystone XL? TransCanada Asks U.S. for Delay in Face of Likely Rejection

Democracy Now! Published on Nov 3, 2015 The corporation behind the Keystone XL oil pipeline has asked the Obama administration to suspend its long-running review of the controversial project. On Monday, TransCanada told the State Department it wants to wait … Continue reading

The fight to kill Keystone XL was a huge waste of time – iPolitics

Like a political reboot of the old Jekyll and Hyde yarn, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to be trying to convince Canadians he can be a carbon warrior and a pipeline cheerleader at the same time. He’s not the only … Continue reading

The Lasting Legacy of the Keystone XL Debate Half a Year Later: Climate Change | NRDC

May 06, 2016 Anthony Swift This blog was co-authored by Liz Barratt-Brown, Senior Advisor, NRDC. Half a year after the president’s rejection, many of the arguments for expansion have been tempered not only by the realities of long term lower … Continue reading

TransCanada Seeks $15 Billion From U.S. Over Keystone XL Pipeline – The New York Times

OTTAWA — TransCanada said on Wednesday that it would seek $15 billion in damages over the Obama administration’s decision to cancel the company’s Keystone XL pipeline project. The company is taking the unusual step of suing through the North American … Continue reading