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James Hansen, Ph.D. – The Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity – Offstage

Published on Jun 30, 2019 Energy, Climate, and Human Health: Young People’s Burden and Opportunities by James Hansen, Ph.D. James Hansen is an esteemed adjunct professor from America. At present, he professes at Columbia University in the department of Earth … Continue reading

Three Mile Island (James Hansen & Nuclear Energy).

The YEARS Project Published on Mar 27, 2019 Three Mile Island was the worst nuclear disaster in American history, but everything you’ve heard about it could be wrong. Forty years later, The YEARS Project has partnered with Exelon to take … Continue reading

James Hansen on Climate change

UN University Published on Jan 12, 2010 Interview with James Hansen (from NASA’s Goddard Institute) recorded at the UN University G8 symposium on innovation and climate change held July 4 2008 in Tokyo.

Dr James Hansen at #COP23 interview

Nick Breeze Published on Nov 9, 2017 Visit or http://climatematters for more information.

Hansen: Earth is Back to Eemian Era w 6-9 METER Sea Level Rise #COP23

Climate State Published on Nov 11, 2017 Jim Hansen gave this interview November 9, 2017 at COP23 the UN Climate Conference in Bonn, Germany. Source… Related Eemian

James Hansen & Granddaughter – Young People’s Burden

UPFSIPublished on Nov 9, 2017 http://ClimateMatters.TV – Dr. James Hansen and granddaughter, Sophie Kivlehan, confront world leaders with the truth of the burden being placed on young people.

Guy McPherson & James Hansen – Young Person’s Burden

Tim Bob Published on Sep 22, 2018 From RR #22

James Hansen & Michael Shellenberger: Nuclear Power? Are Renewables Enough?

UPFSI Published on Nov 16, 2017 Climate Matters – In this show from COP-23, James Hansen and Michael Shellenberger present a compelling case for re-evaluating the role that a modern generation of nuclear power must play in the world’s energy … Continue reading

The Runaway Greenhouse Effect – James Hansen

ΛΞЯ- Published on Aug 31, 2010 “The Oceans will begin to boil…”… His Book: Storms of My Grandchildren: The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity…

James Hansen’s 1988 testimony after 30 years. How did he do?

YaleClimateConnections Published on Jun 20, 2018 James Hansen is known as the “Father of Global Warming”, chiefly because of his 1988 testimony before the U.S. Senate, in which he announced that “… the greenhouse effect has been detected, and is … Continue reading