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8 October 2018 – BBC Newshour – IPCC Report SR15 + Gina McCarthy  

Gina McCarthy: changing the conversation on climate change

The Christian Science Monitor Published on Jun 26, 2018 Environmental issues like climate change have become more polarized than ever in the US. Gina McCarthy, the Environmental Protection Agency administrator during Obama’s second term, is working to “take politics out … Continue reading

Transportation Panel Moderated by Administrator Gina McCarthy

Boston City TV Published on Jun 11, 2018 Mayor Walsh welcomes mayors across the country and abroad for an International Mayors Climate Summit hosted at Boston University. The summit will focus on actions being taken by mayors to address climate … Continue reading

Gina McCarthy to lead Harvard Chan School’s center for health and environment – Harvard Gazette

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health relaunched its center for health and environment on Wednesday, announcing a new name, a new director, and a new collaboration with Google to reduce indoor pollutants. The launch of the Center for … Continue reading

Former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy Weighs In On New Climate Report

WGBH News Published on Aug 10, 2017

Former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy On Simplifying The Conversation Around Climate Change

WGBH News Published on May 30, 2018 The conversation around climate change can be complicated, but former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy argues it doesn’t have to be. That’s exactly what she’s is hoping to change as the director of the … Continue reading

Former EPA Head Gina McCarthy To Head Up New Center For Public Health And Climate Change | WBUR News Helping the general public understand climate change and its impact is the goal of a new center at Harvard’s Chan School of Public Health. The Center for Climate Health and the Global Environment, or “C-Change,” will be led by … Continue reading

Former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy: “There’s a threat to science”

Former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy at anhearing of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee in 2014. Credit: J. Scott Applewhite via The Associated Press Boston Public Radio Weekend July 23, 2017 Christina Beiene Scott Pruitt, current EPA Administrator, … Continue reading

Gina McCarthy – Climate change as an opportunity for innovation | News | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health GINA MCCARTHY: Yeah. It’s great to take people back, because it brings me back to when I was pretty young. And basically, it was all about recognizing that we were polluting our environment in a very visible and meaningful … Continue reading

Gina McCarthy on The Paris Agreement