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Jevons Paradox & The Rebound Effect

Simply Explained Published on Apr 19, 2020 When efficiency increases, consumption drops, right? Errr… No.. So far, increased efficiency has mostly lead to increased consumption. This is called Jevons Paradox, discovered by William Stanley Jevons in 1865. He was concerned … Continue reading

How, By Following Delusional Politicians & Short-Sighted Energy Consultants, Americans Are Now “Sleepwalking Toward the End of the Earth” | EV & N 365 | CCTV YouTube Version Delusional political leaders and myopic energy consultants are lulling Americas into sleepwalking to the end of the Earth. A full cost-accounting of the fossil fuel addiction of modern industrial civilization has never been undertaken. This is, … Continue reading

Upcoming Religion & Ecology Events – October 2020

There are many important events happening soon. We wanted to share some of them with you now.

Leventhal Map & Education Center

The Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center at the Boston Public Library, created in 2004, is a nonprofit organization established as a public-private partnership between the Library and philanthropist Norman Leventhal. Its mission is to use the collection of … Continue reading

Where Can We Turn to Learn? The Struggle for Truth in the Anthropocene (in Face of Official Disinformation, Corporate Propaganda and Pervasive Public Mistrust) | EV & N 362 | CCTV YouTube Version In the face of official disinformation, corporate propaganda and the loss of faith in public institutions, it is a struggle to locate truth in the Anthropocene. Our circumstance has to be understood in light of the … Continue reading

The Fatal Consequences of a Misplaced Metaphor: The “Agricultural Industry” & The Delusion of Infinite Growth in A Finite Ecosystem | EV & N 361 | CCTV YouTube Version Those who live in industrial civilizations often fall into the trap of thinking that they have transcended the limits of biology by transforming agriculture into an “industry.”  This is a fatal metaphorical mistake. Agriculture is a … Continue reading

Noam Chomsky: Trump Is Using Pandemic to Enrich Billionaires as Millions Lose Work & Face Eviction

Democracy Now!   Jul 24, 2020 As millions of people in the U.S. lose work and face eviction due to the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic, the 1% have seen a massive increase to their wealth, with Amazon founder … Continue reading

Upcoming Sustainable Development in the Era of COVID-19 & ACT-Accelerator/COVAX Facility events

United Nations Published on Sep 28, 2020 Hybrid press briefing by the Deputy Secretary-General on the High-level Meeting with Heads of State and Government on “Financing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond.” She … Continue reading

Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker: ecology & religion

Neo Frics Can religion save the planet? Professor Mary Evelyn Tucker talks about the role religions can play in addressing the ecological problems of our time. Although all major religious traditions predate our modern awareness of the environmental situation, many … Continue reading

FORE Spotlights Series ~ Mary Evelyn Tucker & John Grim, 9.21.2020

Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology Sep 21, 2020 In the inaugural video of our new Spotlights series, founders and directors, Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, speak about recent developments in the field of religion and ecology, recent developments … Continue reading