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Andrew Bacevich on Mattis & Why We Need to End Our Self-Destructive, Mindless Wars in Middle East


Before All the World the Youth Challenge the Fatal Myopia, Greed & Childishness of the Trump Generation | EV & N 296 | CCTV YouTube Version In December 2018 at the Conference of Parties (COP24) in Katowice, Poland a 15-year-old school girl from Sweden, Greta Thunberg, exposed the myopia, greed and childishness of world leaders, highlighting their inability and unwillingness to adopt … Continue reading

Kevin Anderson & Hugh Hunt – A Rule Book for the Climate Casino

UPFSIPublished on Dec 12, 2018 https://ScientistsWarning.TV – Kevin and Hugh are back with us this year discussing the new ‘climate glitterati’ that come annually to Davos to feign concern about the climate while they discuss techno-fixes that might allow the … Continue reading

The Atlantic Trade and Africa: The Portuguese, the Spanish & the Dutch – Parts 1 & 2 | EV & N – 294 & 295

Part 1 YouTube Version The first two hundred years of the African slave trade were dominated by the Portuguese, the Spanish and the Dutch.  While the Portuguese initiated the trade around the Cape of Good Hope to Asia, … Continue reading

George Monbiot: Ending Meat & Dairy Consumption Is Needed to Prevent Worst Impacts of Climate Change

Democracy Now! Published on Nov 29, 2018 – We look at the link between climate change and meat consumption on the heels of a series of damning reports that say if humans don’t act now to halt climate change, … Continue reading

Castles and Dungeons on the Coasts and Islands: Retracing Some Steps in the Atlantic Trade | EV & N 293 | CCTV YouTube Version The detailed study of maps of West Africa in the slave trade reveals new insights about the Atlantic trade.  In addition new forms of online connectivity now makes it possible to link rare-book and manuscript archives … Continue reading


Dark Chocolate: The Bitter Truth Behind the Sweets We All Enjoy | EV & N 292 | CCTV YouTube Version The production of chocolate from cocoa is a modern 21st century multinational industry that is based on the non-voluntary, “slave labor” of children in cocoa producing countries.  This represents an enduring legacy of patterns from the … Continue reading

The Globalization of Food Production: The Atlantic Plantation System and the Origins of Africa’s Food Crisis | EV & N 291 | CCTV YouTube Version The plantation system of production established in the Caribbean and the “New World” only succeeded because of the prior organization and effective operation of plantations for food production in Africa.  The food produced on plantations in … Continue reading


Climate & Sea-Level Update: Digital Dispatches from a World on the Edge

[from the Online Course:]  CLIMATE CHANGE & TRANSITION STUDIES:  Boston Harbor and surrounding area from the air Why Transition Studies? Starting locally: Boston Climate & Sea-Level Update – September 2018 Boston Climate & Sea-Level Update – October 2018 Boston Climate & … Continue reading


Climate & Sea-Level Update: Digital Dispatches from a World on the Edge | EV & N 290 | CCTV YouTube Version Sea-level is rising around the globe. Governments are slow to act or, worse yet, seek to promote the expanded use of coal and continued extraction of other fossil fuels. Corporations want no action that restricts their … Continue reading