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The Vulnerability of the Global Food System and the Strategies Needed for a Sustainable “Recovery” | EV & N 345 | CCTV YouTube Version Communities are beginning to look at the linkages between local crises and the precariousness of current global structures like those that have been exposed in the global food system. See related: ‘Our Food System Is Very … Continue reading

COVID-19: Julie Levison (Pennsylvania & Wadham 1998) & Ruanne Barnabas (KwaZulu-Natal & Merton 1999)

Rhodes Trust Apr 22, 2020 Listen to Julie and Ruanne’s perspectives on COVID-19 from two infectious diseases physician researchers from Boston and Seattle, USA. They focus on issues of health equity for vulnerable patients, engaging the community, and health care … Continue reading

Life After Carbon: The Next Global Transformation of Cities: Peter Plastrik & John Cleveland

  The future of our cities is not what it used to be. The modern-city model that took hold globally in the twentieth century has outlived its usefulness. It cannot solve the problems it helped to create—especially global warming. Fortunately, … Continue reading

Natural Resources & Energy Industry Events | Wood Mackenzie


Julie Levison & Ruanne Barnabas Scholar Talk

Rhodes Trust Apr 17, 2020

Personal Knowledgebase I – Comparing Mendeley, Zotero, Evernote & Citavi

Surface Scholar Jan 19, 2017 Balancing the need for intra and extratextual annotation with the sort of citation tree I covered in the last video, gives rise to a new set of infrastructural problems that can only be resolved with … Continue reading

“Afghanistan Papers” Reveal How Presidents & Generals Misled the American Pu blic on War’s Progress

Democracy Now! Mar 9, 2020 Washington Post reporter Craig Whitlock has just won a George Polk Award for Military Reporting for his in-depth investigation called “The Afghanistan Papers: A Secret History of the War.” He joins us to describe how, … Continue reading

What Can We Learn from Old Maps of Africa? Reading maps carefully for what is “there” – Part 1 – The Royal Moment | EV & N 341 | CCTV YouTube The cartographic history of Africa reveals a great deal both about Africa and about the history of European misunderstandings of Africa over the last several centuries.      

Mapping Foodways in African and American History | EV & N 338 | CCTV

On the Occasion of Black History Month, 2020 YouTube Version The history of the slave trade has left its mark on the culinary and ethnobotanical record on all sides of the Atlantic economic system.  It is now possible … Continue reading

Harvard & AAS | Magnetic Reversal Extinction

Suspicious0bservers Apr 30, 2019 Magnetic Reversal & Extinction – Rebuttal of Lingam 2019 Paper Abstract: “Hence, we suggest that hypotheses seeking to explain … mass extinctions via changes in Earth’s magnetic field intensity are potentially unlikely.” This is not supported … Continue reading