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Maude Barlow, “The Global Water Crisis” Or What’s Missing California

LeighaCohen– Nov 29, 2013

Filmed and edited by Leigha Cohen
Featuring Maude Barlow who spoke November 30, 2011 at the Institute for Advance Study, Princeton, NJ is part of the Institute’s annual series, Lectures on Public Policy, In this lecture, Ms. Barlow explains how the world is running out of available water supplies, potentially leading to serious conflicts. She describes the nature and cause of the existing and potential severe crisis and offers solutions to a water-secure world. Given the recent drought .in California Ms Barlow should be seen as one of many visionaries on this topic.

Leasing the Rain

jdsbolivia– Sep 24, 2020

The PBS New Yorker documentary on the Cochabamba Water Revolt

Water Rising – Full Documentary

waterrisingfilm– Feb 4, 2015

Spanish with English subtitles
A Documentary Film by Muireann de Barra & Aisling Crudden
Edited by Fernando de Juan
Music by Gareth Averill
Camera Operator: Aisling Crudden

Hope and change in Bolivia in an era of water privatisation.

Water Rising is a feature length documentary about family, community, hope and change in Bolivia during an era of water privatisation.

Filmed entirely in Bolivia, the film shares intimate portraits of people living in a ramshackle city where, despite an abundance of freshwater, they struggle for the right to access clean, safe and affordable water.

Maude Barlow – The Council of Canadians & the World Water Crisis

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American Autumn: An Occudoc

The Real News Network

Sep 17, 2012

Filmmaker Dennis Trainor Jr. on his new film and the challenges facing the Occupy Movement more at

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Hominid Exceptionalism and the Intrinsic Limit of Human Power in Earth’s Ecosystem


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Sustainable Water Management (SWM) Program – Tufts University


Sustainable Water Management (SWM) Program – Tufts University


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Distinguished and inspiring Tufts faculty:





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David Attenborough on His Decades-Long Career | Natural History Masterclass

BAFTA Guru – May 11, 2018

Learn from the best with Sir David Attenborough as he delves into the history of his decades-spanning career!

Chris Hedges: Mass politics must be rooted in class struggle

The Real News Network– Jan 25, 2022

From the social upheaval embodied in Donald Trump’s presidency and the 2020 uprisings for racial justice to rampant corporate plunder and increasingly widespread labor unrest, the conditions for an organized mass political movement exist in the US. So, why hasn’t that movement come about yet? Is such a movement possible in the US today? If so, what role can the left play in mobilizing it?

As world-renowned journalist and activist Chris Hedges argues, “Part of the problem with the left [today] is that it’s too engaged in political theater, it’s not engaged enough in political organizing, and it often is not literate in the most important element before us, which is class.” In their latest interview for TRNN, co-hosts of THIS IS REVOLUTION Jason Myles and Pascal Robert speak with Hedges about the possibility of mass politics in our present moment, and about the hard work of building working-class solidarity. Chris Hedges is the former Middle East bureau chief of the New York Times, a Pulitzer Prize winner, and a columnist at ScheerPost. He formerly hosted the program Days of Revolt, produced by TRNN, and is the author of several books, including America: The Farewell Tour, American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America, and War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning.

Read the transcript of this interview:…
Read the transcript of this interview:…

Post COP26: successes, lessons learnt & what… | Oxford Martin School

On the 13th November 2021 Cop26 reached a consensus on key actions to address climate change. The decisions consist of a range of agreed items, including strengthened efforts to build resilience to climate change, to curb greenhouse gas emissions and to provide the necessary finance for both.

In this short series we will look at what this means, after the dust settles, for sustainable finance, tropical forests, modelling the climate and with a panel looking towards future meetings.

In this series:

27 January 2022
Panel Discussion: “Towards COP27: moving forwards after COP26”

03 February 2022
“What would a sustainable economy look like?” with Prof Sir Dieter Helm

03 March 2022
Tim Palmer and Charles Godfray in conversation: “Modelling climate change: predicting the future”

10 March 2022
“Tropical forests to 2050: science challenges for researchers and policy-makers” with Prof Oliver Phillips