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Shadows of Empire in West Africa: New Perspectives on European Fortifications (African Histories and Modernities): John Kwadwo Osei-Tutu, Victoria Ellen Smith

These essays reexamine European forts in West Africa as hubs where different peoples interacted, negotiated and transformed each other socially, politically, culturally, and economically. This collection brings together scholars of history, archaeology, cultural studies, and others to present a nuanced … Continue reading

Forts, Castles and Society in West Africa (African History): John Kwadwo Osei-Tutu

Long regarded as disturbing remnants of the Atlantic slave trade, the European forts and castles of West Africa have attained iconic positions as universally significant historical monuments and world heritage tourist destinations. This volume of original contributions by leading Africanists … Continue reading

Is sustainable development a luxury we can’t afford? – Desmond Tutu responds

The Elders Published on May 25, 2012 “We only have one world and if we destroy it…” Desmond Tutu gives his view on whether sustainable development is a luxury we cannot afford. See the full discussion and tell us your … Continue reading

InterSpiritual Discussion with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu: A.M. Session

UWTV Published on Jul 15, 2014 UWTV Published on Jul 15, 2014 This Seeds of Compassion event, which was held on the University of Washington campus April 15, features the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu leading an interspiritual panel … Continue reading

Tutu joins Harvard divestment push | The Australian | Divest Harvard

Julie Hare The Australian March 04, 2015 2:38PM A PUSH for Harvard University to divest its massive $36bn endowment of interests in 200 fossil fuel companies is building ahead of two days of civil disobedience scheduled for April. Archbishop Desmond … Continue reading

Desmond Tutu raises climate compensation ahead of UN Climate Summit | West Coast Environmental Law

By Andrew Gage, Staff Lawyer,  23 September, 2014 Last week Nobel Peace Prize winner, and one of the spiritual leaders of our time, Archbishop Desmond Tutu called on governments to make fossil fuel companies pay for the climate damages that … Continue reading


The Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation Published on Sep 18, 2014 Global Climate Change Environment Ethics Environment Justice

Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Climate Change

fentoncomonline Published on Sep 22, 2014 Transcript of Archbishop Tutu’s remarks on climate change: “The destruction of the earth’s environment is the human rights challenge of our time. Over the 25 years that climate change has been on the world’s … Continue reading

We fought apartheid. Now climate change is our global enemy | Desmond Tutu

Desmond Tutu The Observer, Saturday 20 September 2014 Children play in flood water in Punjab province, Pakistan. ‘The most devastating effects of climate change are being visited on the world’s poor.’ Photograph: Omer Saleem/EPA On the eve of the UN … Continue reading

Desmond Tutu on Climate Solutions

Desmond Tutu on Climate Solutions Global Climate Change Environment Ethics Environment Justice