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Gravitas: A new era of Space tourism

WION– Jul 12, 2021 With Richard Branson’s successful flight to space, the world has entered a new era of Space Tourism. Starting 2022, anyone can take a joyride to space. From 2023, you may also be able to travel around … Continue reading

The impact of the pandemic on French food, tourism industries

FRANCE 24 English Published on Jan 8, 2021 Two #lockdowns and a new extended ban on reopening have left #French #restaurateurs struggling to stay afloat as industry groups warn of mass bankruptcies. Nearly two thirds of French restaurants and cafés … Continue reading

EATING UP EASTER | Saving Their Culture from Tourism | PBS

More than just a picture-perfect postcard of iconic stone statues, Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island, is a microcosm of a planet in flux. Directed by native Rapa Nui filmmaker Sergio Mata’u Rapu, Eating Up Easter explores the challenges … Continue reading

New England Tourism Destinations Endangered By The Changing Tides

WGBH NewsDec 3, 2019 Tourism is a major economic driver in New England, from the Freedom Trail to coastal fishing communities. But as Stephanie Leydon reports, some local historic sites and the travel industry they fuel are increasingly in danger … Continue reading

Is tourism harming Venice? | DW Documentary

DW Documentary Jul 2, 2018 Venice is threatened by mass tourism. Some 30 million visitors a year come to the city in Italy, making their way through the narrow streets. With an infrastructure more and more tailored to the needs … Continue reading

Italy ‘overtakes France in tourism stakes’

Published on Jul 20, 2019 Italy had more overnight stays by foreign nationals than tourist hotspot France, it’s been claimed.… READ MORE :…

Space tourism could be as close as next year

ABC News (Australia) Published on Feb 25, 2019 Virgin Galactic has successfully flown to space, and Richard Branson sees no reason the price of commercial flights could not be reduced until they have more demand than they can cope with.

Sustainable Tourism: Faculty Insight with Megan Epler Wood

Harvard Extension SchoolPublished on Jul 22, 2013 Tourism is one of the largest global industries. The number of people traveling annually is expected to double from 2010 to 2020. Of course, any trip anyone takes in the world has an … Continue reading

Tourism to Antarctica on the rise

Jason Davis on the future of space tourism

CCTV America Published on Oct 17, 2016 For more on the future of space tourism, CCTV America’s Karina Huber spoke with Jason Davis, digital editor for the Planetary Society in Tucson, Arizona.