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Mission Blue | Official Trailer – Sylvia Earle

Netflix US & Canada Published on Jul 28, 2014 Official trailer for Mission Blue, a Netflix original documentary. Mission Blue tells the story of world-renowned oceanographer Sylvia Earle as she travels the globe on an urgent mission to shed light … Continue reading

Saving Eden: A Work in Progress – E. O. Wilson, Sylvia Earle

Harvard Museum of Natural History Published on Nov 16, 2016 Sylvia Earle, Marine Biologist; Explorer-in-Residence and Rosemary and Roger Enrico Chair for Ocean Exploration, National Geographic Society Justine O’Brien, Scientific Director, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Reproductive Research Center, SeaWorld Parks … Continue reading

Sylvia Earle – TEDxWoodsHole – Exploring the Deep Frontier

TEDx Talks Uploaded on Nov 18, 2011 Sylvia Earle — Famed oceanographer, explorer, author, lecturer, former chief scientist of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and explorer in residence at the National Geographic Society speaks about “Exploring the Deep Frontier.”

TEDxOilSpill – Sylvia Earle – By Killing the Ocean, We Kill Ourselves

TEDx Talks Uploaded on Aug 19, 2011 Sylvia Earle, called “Living Legend” by the Library of Congress and “Hero for the Planet” by Time, is an oceanographer, explorer, author and lecturer with a deep commitment to research through personal exploration. … Continue reading

TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch – Dr. Sylvia Earle – The Ocean is Connected to Everything

TEDx Talks Uploaded on Dec 17, 2010 At TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch Dr. Sylvia Earle delivers an inspirational talk about the ocean and our unique connection to it.

Sylvia Earle: How to protect the oceans (TED Prize winner!)

TED Uploaded on Feb 19, 2009 Legendary ocean researcher Sylvia Earle shares astonishing images of the ocean — and shocking stats about its rapid decline — as she makes her TED Prize wish: that we will join her in … Continue reading

The World Is Blue, Sylvia A. Earle

A Silent Spring for our era, this eloquent, urgent, fascinating book reveals how just 50 years of swift and dangerous oceanic change threatens the very existence of life on Earth. Legendary marine scientist Sylvia Earle portrays a planet teetering on … Continue reading

SHE IS THE OCEAN – virtual Bay Area premiere

SHE IS THE OCEAN Hosted by the San Francisco Surfrider Foundation & Marin Surfrider Foundation 7 PM TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE Join us for the virtual Bay Area premiere of the inspirational new film SHE IS THE OCEAN followed by an … Continue reading

Living on Earth: The Value of National Parks

The view from Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park. As of June 30th of this year, attendance was up by 3 million from that time last year. (Photo: Taylor Davis, Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) Research from Harvard and Colorado … Continue reading

Turning Earth into Mars?

Link TV Published on Jun 13, 2014 Find more Earth Focus content at “We are Marsifying Earth,” says distinguished marine Biologist Dr. Sylvia Earle. “We are increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere… We are undermining the … Continue reading