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Gus Speth delivers the 2016 David Sive Annual Memorial Lecture at Columbia Law School

The Next System Project Published on Nov 22, 2016 Gus Speth, co-chair of The Next System Project, was invited to give the 2016 lecture in honor of David Sive, widely regarded as one of the key early pioneers of environmental … Continue reading

Ecology, Economics, and Ethics: The Role of Religion and Ecology – Gus Speth & Juliet Schor


Episode 7: Why Climate Change Necessitates System Change w/Gus Speth

September 26th, 2017 Environment & Energy Movement Strategy & History Next System Project Co-Chair Gus Speth joins the Next System Podcast to discuss his experience with the environmental movement and how that led him to the work on systemic change … Continue reading

The Bridge at the End of the World: James Gustave Speth

How serious are the threats to our environment? Here is one measure of the problem: if we continue to do exactly what we are doing, with no growth in the human population or the world economy, the world in the … Continue reading

Climate Change – Warming Warning – 1981 (Gus Speth, George Woodwell & others)

Segments: ThamesTv Published on Apr 11, 2017 Thames Televisions ‘Warming Warning’ First Shown: 08/12/1981 If you are interested in licensing a clip from this video please e mail: archive Quote: VT25895 and and and and

Mapping the Next System Webinar – Gus Speth

Getting to the Next System: Guideposts on the Way to a New Political Economy – Gus Speth

How can we address problems that sometimes seem unsolvable? How to lift families mired in generations of poverty to a better life? Stop the .ow of carbon into our atmosphere? Or remove corporate in.uence from our politics? ese are problems … Continue reading

Mapping the Next System Webinar – Gus Speth

The Next System Project Published on Jan 4, 2016 The inability of traditional politics and policies to address fundamental challenges has fueled an extraordinary amount of experimentation, generating increasing numbers of sophisticated and thoughtful initiatives that build from the bottom … Continue reading

Red Sky at Morning: Crisis of the Global Environment – Gus Speth – Cambridge Forum

WGBHForum Published on Mar 31, 2014 James Gustave Speth, armed with the latest data about the global environmental crisis, explains why current methods of tackling the problem (international negotiations and treaties) have failed, and exposes the disaster waiting to happen … Continue reading

Living on Earth: Gus Speth Calls for a “New” Environmentalism

Gus Speth’s new memoir, Angels by the River, describes his evolution from accepting the status quo as a child, to working within mainstream environmentalism for environmental protection, to calling for “a new environmentalism.” (Photo: Chelsea Green Publishing) In conversation with … Continue reading