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How Kobach Stole Primary Using Voter Purging Strategies Against Another Republcian (w/ Greg Palast)

Thom Hartmann Program Published on Sep 10, 2018 Working as Secretary of State Kansas’s Kris Kobach was able to use his position to make sure that the people eligible to vote were voting for him, so far there is no … Continue reading

Greg Palast: We’re Not Running Out of Oil, Just Cheap Oil

The Nation Published on Feb 8, 2011 In this eighth video in the series “Peak Oil and a Changing Climate” from The Nation and On The Earth Productions, investigative journalist and author Greg Palast says the era of cheap fuel … Continue reading

Big Oil Controls the World | Interview with Greg Palast

breakingtheset Published on Mar 27, 2013 Abby Martin talks to investigative journalist, Greg Palast, about US interests in a post-Chavez Venezuela, and how ‘Big Oil’ could shape future policy.

In a Fair Fight, Karen Handel Would Have Lost (w/guest Greg Palast)

Thom Hartmann Program Published on Jun 24, 2017 Thom talks with Greg Palast (Investigative Journalist, Author and Filmmaker – The Best Democracy Money Can Buy) about the recent election in Georgia’s 6th District, and all the rigging that’s happened over … Continue reading

Greg Palast: How Racist Voter Suppression Could Cost Jon Ossoff the Georgia Election

Greg Palast – TrumpCare Dies, XL Flies & The Secret Winner Is…

The Big Picture RT Published on Mar 27, 2017 Greg Palast, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy/OpEdNews/The Guardian. As Donald Trump continues to rack up the losses – the Koch brothers are re-emerging as major power players in Washington, DC. … Continue reading

Greg Palast – Koch Bros’ Bribery & TrumpCare by Thom Hartmann (03/27/17))

Earthbound Published on Mar 28, 2017 Investigative reporter Greg Palast has been following Donald Trump for over twenty years. In tonight’s Big Picture Interview, Thom talks to Palast about how the Koch brothers scored a big win when Trump decided … Continue reading

Election Was Stolen Long Before Trump (w/guest Greg Palast)

Thom Hartmann Program Published on Jan 19, 2017 Investigative journalist Greg Palast (BBC, Rolling Stone) lays out some of the details of how Interstate Crosscheck removed 1.6 million people of color from voter rolls before the 2016 election, and how … Continue reading

Greg Palast in Ohio on GOP Effort to Remove African Americans from Voter Rolls in Battleground State

Democracy Now! Published on Nov 8, 2016 – In an on-the-ground report from the battleground state of Ohio, investigative reporter Greg Palast has uncovered the latest in vote suppression tactics led by Republicans that could threaten the integrity of … Continue reading

Greg Palast: Cross Check- Motherlode of Vote Purge Scams

Ed Mays Published on Oct 27, 2016 When Donald Trump says, “This election is rigged”—he should know. His buddies are rigging it. Rolling Stone investigative reporter Greg Palast busted Jeb Bush for stealing the 2000 election by purging Black voters … Continue reading