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Naomi Oreskes: “Climate change denial: Where do we go from here?” | Spring 2016 Wall Exchange

Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies May 3, 2016 Polls show that citizens around the globe overwhelmingly accept the scientific evidence that our climate is changing for reasons that are largely human-caused, but our political leadership lags behind. On the … Continue reading

Naomi Oreskes — The Big Myth

Politics and Prose Feb 23, 2023 The Big Myth is a sweeping history of another disastrous and all-consuming belief that has had a grip on the American public for decades: “the magic of the marketplace.” How did so many Americans … Continue reading

Naomi Oreskes On Exxon’s Decades-Long Doubt Campaign And Big Oil’s Bad Week

The Climate Pod – Jun 5, 2021 #climatechange #exxon #oreskes #shell #merchantsofdoubt Last week, we saw massive news break for some of the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies. ExxonMobil was one of the companies that received backlash for climate inaction and … Continue reading

Tomgram: Naomi Oreskes, Why Science Failed to Stop Climate Change | TomDispatch mate Change Posted by Naomi Oreskes at 4:25pm, November 10, 2019. Follow TomDispatch on Twitter @TomDispatch. [Note for TomDispatch Readers: Today’s author, Naomi Oreskes, who’s done yeoman’s work on climate-change issues over the years, has a new book, Why … Continue reading

Naomi Oreskes on Changing Public Opinion on Climate Change

David Wallace-Wells On September 23, the United Nations opened its Climate Action Summit here in New York, three days after the Global Climate Strike, led by Greta Thunberg, swept through thousands of cities worldwide. To mark the occasion, Intelligencer is … Continue reading

Naomi Oreskes on the Tobacco Strategy – YouTube

greenmanbucket Published on Apr 23, 2016 Harvard Science Historian Naomi Oreskes in an interview from 2014. Discussing the Tobacco gambit, how an industry selling a poisonous product kept the public confused, and government impotent, for 50 years.

Naomi Oreskes deconstructs Nick Minchin’s climate denial

John Cook Published on Apr 23, 2012 Naomi Oreskes explains with great clarity the driving force behind climate denial – aversion to the political and economic implications of climate change. UPDATE: Some commenters are asking about evidence that humans are … Continue reading

Naomi Oreskes & others – Rally To Stand Up For Science – Boston, Mass. Feb. 16

Rowena Lindsay Published on Mar 3, 2017 See specifically:

Naomi Oreskes: Organized Campaigns to Doubt Climate Science (2016)

Naomi Oreskes | The Scientist as Sentinel | 2017 AAAS Annual Meeting

Naomi Oreskes Professor of the History of Science Harvard University Friday, February 17 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.