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Intergenerational Theft – George Monbiot

18th March 2019 Capitalism steals from the young and the unborn. It’s time for a new system, that respects their rights By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian, 15th March 2019 The young people taking to the streets are right: … Continue reading

George Monbiot and youth climate activist webchat – as it happened | Opinion | The Guardian

Thousands of school students gather in Parliament square having walked out of school in protest at government inaction over climate change on 15 February 2019. Photograph: Guy Smallman/Getty Images George Monbiot and UK Student Climate Network Fri 15 Mar 2019 … Continue reading

My generation trashed the planet. So I salute the children striking back | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian

Across the country today, children left their classes to protest against climate change. This is my message to them @GeorgeMonbiot Fri 15 Feb 2019 10.28 EST Last modified on Fri 15 Feb 2019 13.57 EST The Youth Strike 4 Climate … Continue reading

“We have to confront those powers…” George Monbiot – Extinction Rebellion

George Monbiot: Ending Meat & Dairy Consumption Is Needed to Prevent Worst Impacts of Climate Change

Democracy Now! Published on Nov 29, 2018 – We look at the link between climate change and meat consumption on the heels of a series of damning reports that say if humans don’t act now to halt climate change, … Continue reading

Our cult of personality is leaving real life in the shade | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian

Illustration: Ben Jennings Wed 3 Oct 2018 01.00 EDT Last modified on Thu 4 Oct 2018 06.33 EDT By reducing politics to a celebrity obsession – from Johnson to Trump to Corbyn – the media misdirects and confuses us What … Continue reading

Celebrity isn’t just harmless fun – it’s the smiling face of the corporate machine | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian

@GeorgeMonbiot Tue 20 Dec 2016 15.03 EST Last modified on Fri 9 Feb 2018 13.57 EST Our failure to understand the link between fame and big business made the rise of Trump inevitable Now that a reality TV star is … Continue reading

George Monbiot | The Guardian

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A New Politics for an Age of Crisis | George Monbiot