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The New UN Climate Report: We’re Screwed

Published on Aug 16, 2019 Last year’s IPCC report was scary, and it got some decent attention, but of course everyone has forgotten by now. The recent UN climate report should jog your memory. Resources: UN Report:… 100 Companies … Continue reading

BBC World Service – Science in Action, Is climate change driving Europe’s current heatwave? As Europe experiences another record breaking heatwave, we look at the science of attribution. Usually it’s a long time after extreme weather events that scientists gather enough data to make a judgement on the influence of anthropogenic forces, such … Continue reading

BBC World Service – Science in Action, South Asia heatwave and climate change South Asia has experienced a heatwave where the monsoon has been delayed and temperatures have reached over 50 degrees. Despite this the extreme heat has led to far fewer fatalities than previous heatwaves; we look at why that is. … Continue reading

BBC World Service – World Update, UN says plant-based diet can fight climate change

A UN panel of experts is about to issue a stark warning that it will be necessary to eat less meat to help reduce global warming. Also in the programme: One day after a Taliban car bomb kills 14 in … Continue reading

Advertising climate change danger could be deemed partisan: election officials

Published on Aug 19, 2019 Elections Canada has warned environmental groups that running ads about the dangers of climate change during the upcoming federal campaign could be deemed partisan activity.

Can We Terraform the Sahara to Stop Climate Change?

Real Engineering Published on Sep 14, 2018 New vlog channel:… References: [1] [2]… [3]… [4]…. [5]… [6]… [7]… [8]… [9] Effects…

Transforming food systems under a changing climate: technologies for food system transformation

CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) Published on Aug 19, 2019 What role will technology play in food system transformation? Current technologies will only be able to reach 20-40% of the targets that need to … Continue reading

This Climate Pioneer Is Trying To Stop The Arctic From Melting | VICE on HBO

VICE News Published on Jan 18, 2018 Permafrost refers to frozen soil and water that covers nearly a quarter of the Northern Hemisphere. With climate change warming the Arctic at an alarming rate, the permafrost is beginning to thaw. While … Continue reading

Greenlanders Are Living The Consequences Of Climate Change

Journeyman Pictures Published on Feb 9, 2018 On Top Of The World: Greenland’s melting season starts earlier and finishes later than it used to, bringing some major changes to the Arctic island. How are the locals dealing with the shift, … Continue reading

How Greta Thunberg Ignited Climate Strikes Around the World | One Small Step | NowThis

NowThis Future Published on Jun 29, 2019 Greta Thunberg is a 16-year-old activist who has ignited a global youth-led environmental movement to fight climate change — we sat down with Greta to hear about her journey and to find out … Continue reading