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The First Eden: The Mediterranean World and Man: David Attenborough

Chronicles the history of the Mediterranean, examining how the region became the source of Western society and revealing man’s changing attitudes toward the natural world From Publishers Weekly Life on Earth and The Living Planet were print companions to Attenborough’s … Continue reading

Sir David Attenborough and Professor Johan Rockstrom | WWF Living Planet Lecture 2016

WWF UK– Nov 22, 2016 Hear a compelling lecture from WWF-UK Ambassador Sir David Attenborough followed by world renowned climate scientist Professor Johan Rockstrom, Executive Director of The Stockholm Resilience Centre. The talk explores the impact humanity is having on … Continue reading

Beaver Lodge Construction Squad | Attenborough | BBC Earth – YouTube

May 18, 2009 The American beaver’s ability to nibble wood demonstrates the stunning adaptability of these amazing mammals. In addition to creating their own lake, this family of beavers construct a make-shift fridge and winter-time snug. Subscribe: From the … Continue reading

Sir David Attenborough and President Obama: The Full Interview

The Obama White House – Jul 10, 2015 President Obama and Naturalist Sir David Attenborough sit to discuss and contemplate the natural world at the White House.

The Queen laughs with Sir David Attenborough about a sundial

The Royal Family Channel – Apr 10, 2018 The Queen laughs with Sir David Attenborough about a sundial that has been planted in the shade in a new documentary. Report by Sarah Duffy.

Queen shows funny side in conversation with Sir David Attenborough for ITV documentary | ITV News

ITV News – Apr 10, 2018 The conversation between the two nonagenarians, recorded for an ITV documentary, The Queen’s Green Planet, reveals some real nuggets of information. The Queen discusses climate change, Donald Trump, and even her own demise. And … Continue reading

Sir David Attenborough – Greatest Speech Ever | Creators for Nature

Creators For Nature – Mar 16, 2020 • • “NATURE ONCE DETERMINED HOW WE SURVIVE… NOW, WE DETERMINE HOW NATURE SURVIVES “ – Sir David Attenborough says at Our Planet Premiere Whatever your opinion or stance on this topic … Continue reading

We need IMMEDIATE action to stop extinction crisis, David Attenborough – BBC

BBC – Sep 23, 2020 Subscribe and to the BBC Watch the BBC first on iPlayer With a million species at risk of extinction, Sir David Attenborough explores how this crisis of biodiversity has consequences for us all, … Continue reading

David Attenborough on His Decades-Long Career | Natural History Masterclass

BAFTA Guru – May 11, 2018 Learn from the best with Sir David Attenborough as he delves into the history of his decades-spanning career!

A Life on Our Planet | David Attenborough | My Witness Statement & Vision for the Future | Audiobook

Lost Tapes & Audiobooks– Apr 22, 2021 See the world. Then make it better. I am 94. I’ve had an extraordinary life. It’s only now that I appreciate how extraordinary. As a young man, I felt I was out there … Continue reading