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David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg’s plea for the planet

World Economic Forum Sep 19, 2019 ‘We’ve stolen our children’s future,’ says Jane Goodall, ‘and we’re still stealing it.’ From disappearing species to plastic pollution and our disastrously weak attempts to recycle it, here’s what the top voices on climate … Continue reading

Royal naming for Sir David Attenborough polar ship – BBC News

By Jonathan Amos BBC Science Correspondent, Birkenhead Media caption Take a flight over the RRS Sir David Attenborough The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will officially name the UK’s new polar research ship after Sir David Attenborough on Thursday. The … Continue reading

David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg and Jane Goodall have a message for you about the planet

World Economic Forum Published on Sep 19, 2019 From disappearing species to plastic pollution and our disastrously weak attempts to recycle it, here’s what the top voices on climate change – from Sir David Attenborough to Jane Goodall to Greta … Continue reading

David Attenborough – A Tribute To His Career

Brain Food! Published on Jul 25, 2014 My tribute to naturalist and legendary broadcaster, David Attenborough, who’s career has spanned over 60 years.

The Amazing Life of Sir David Attenborough (Attenborough Tribute) Happy 90th Birthday!

Jacob Welsh Published on May 8, 2016 The Amazing Life of Sir David Attenborough (David Attenborough Tribute Video) HD To celebrate over 50 years of nature broadcasting and 90 years of life I put together a short video of the … Continue reading

David Attenborough on Overpopulation

The Knowledge Exchange Published on Aug 21, 2017 In this video, David Attenborough discusses overpopulation. He points out that our human population is clearly one of the drivers that underlies all global problems. Currently we are adding an additional 230,000 … Continue reading

David Attenborough: Ignoring climate change will lead to massive unrest

Global News Published on Jul 9, 2019 Naturalist David Attenborough told British lawmakers on Tuesday it would be essential to stick to a new target to decarbonise the economy, warning that failure to tackle climate change could lead to massive … Continue reading

Sir David Attenborough and President Obama: The Full Interview

The Obama White House Published on Jul 10, 2015 President Obama and Naturalist Sir David Attenborough sit to discuss and contemplate the natural world at the White House.

President Barack Obama Meets Sir David Attenborough | BBC Earth

BBC Earth Published on Jun 25, 2015 In an extraordinary meeting of minds, President Barack Obama has interviewed Sir David Attenborough at the White House.

Sir David Attenborough On God

Gerry Watts .Purpose of Life Published on May 8, 2012 Some wise and honest words from Sir David Attenborough on the subject of God, Creation, Genesis 1-3 and Richard Dawkins (from In Confidence: An Interview by Laurie Taylor)