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Ask Prof Wolff: Capitalism & Fascism

Democracy At WorkSep 1, 2021 A Patron of Economic Update asks: “On the subject of Fascism, Benito Mussolini said ‘Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.’ Given the nature of … Continue reading

Capitalism Run Amok: What went wrong and how to fix it | Marianne Williamson and Richard Wolff

Marianne Williamson – Aug 14, 2021 Economist and Professor Richard Wolff analyzes the deficiencies of modern capitalism, articulating the benefits of a socialist system and the road to a more equitable society. He promotes not a radical shift in economic … Continue reading

The Dangers of a U.S. – China Cold War – Richard D Wolff

Democracy At Work – Aug 1, 2021 245K subscribers Prof Wolff explains how the U.S. political decision to ratchet up nationalist and anti-communist sentiments against China is dangerous for both country’s economies and more. Can we learn from historical examples … Continue reading

“Landslide”: Michael Wolff on Trump’s Final Days in Office & Why He Still Rules t he Republican Party

Democracy Now! Published on Jul 16, 2021 As a special congressional committee investigating the January 6 insurrection prepares to hold its first hearings later this month, we speak with author Michael Wolff, whose new book, “Landslide,” provides fresh details about … Continue reading

China’s Transformation from Poverty to Economic Power – Richard D Wolff

Democracy At Work Published on Jul 18, 2021 “Any argument that the Chinese success is somehow peculiarly the responsibility of the capitalist part as opposed to the leadership of the Communist party, or the remaining enormous state-owned and operated enterprise … Continue reading

Michael Wolff Reveals New Details On Trump Presidency

MSNBC– Jul 14, 2021 In his latest book “Landslide,” Michael Wolff says he is absolutely convinced that Trump believes he won the election and that it’s more than just the “big lie,” it’s the “big lunacy.” » Subscribe to MSNBC:

The US’ Position as the Dominant Capitalist Power Is Changing – Richard Wolff Global Capitalism

Democracy At Work – Jun 5, 2021 This is a clip from the May 2021 Global Capitalism lecture in which Richard Wolff gives three examples that indicate the US’s position of global power is changing, and its ability to influence … Continue reading

Rising Food Prices Could Bring World War (w/ Richard Wolff)

Thom Hartmann Program Mar 11, 2021 Food lines, growing prices, and widening inequality are all leading to global unrest. Economist Richard Wolff warns that it will only get worse. What is the relationship between rising food prices and social unrest? … Continue reading

Professor Richard Wolff On The Texas Disaster: A Tipping Point For Capitalism?– Feb 26, 2021 Julianna welcomes back Professor of Economics Richard D. Wolff to the show, to discuss how as disasters pile up in the US, like the recent deep freeze in Texas, wildfires, rapidly intensifying hurricanes, droughts, floods, tornadoes, … Continue reading

Are We Seeing The Beginning Of A Global Food Crisis? Professor Richard Wolff Joins – Sep 9, 2020 Follow on Twitch:​ Julianna welcomes back recurring guest, Marxian Economist Professor Richard D. Wolff to the show, to discuss how as China faces its first corn shortfall in years and food prices rise around … Continue reading