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Capitalism’s failures exposed by the Coronavirus – Richard Wolff

Democracy At Work Mar 24, 2020 “This is a collection [of uninsured, underinsured, undocumented immigrants] that amounts to at least half of the population, so managed in our medical profit system that they are colluding with this epidemic. They don’t … Continue reading

Leaked report by JP Morgan & Chase says fossil fuels are not a profitable investment – Richard Wolff

Democracy At Work Mar 17, 2020 “First of all it answers the question with a resounding YES: climate change is very real, climate changes economic effects are enormous, and it is advisable for JP Morgan Chase, basically, to get out … Continue reading

AskProfWolff: COVID-19 and the Stock Market

Democracy At Work Mar 11, 2020 Get your copy of Prof. Wolff’s books with d@w: “Understanding Socialism” and “Understanding Marxism” Submit your own question to Prof. Wolff on Patreon:… A patron asks: “How much of the coronavirus responsible … Continue reading

Sanders & Socialism: Debate Between Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman & Socialist Economist Richard Wolff

Democracy Now! Feb 24, 2020 As Bernie Sanders’s runaway win in Nevada cements his position as the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, the Democratic Party establishment and much of the mainstream media are openly expressing concern about a self-described democratic … Continue reading

Understanding Socialism: Richard Wolff vs Capitalism

Jan 3, 2020 Thom Hartmann Program Is your workplace more similar to a kingdom or a democracy? Richard Wolff explores how socialism can Democratize the workplace. Subscribe for more clips like this:…Is your workplace more similar to a kingdom … Continue reading

Richard Wolff: Price of coffee beans have dropped but the cost of your cup of coffee hasn’t

Democracy At WorkDec 3, 2019 “Over the last three years the price of coffee (per pound, at the farm, the beans, the coffee beans) has gone from over $1.20 per pound to $0.55 per pound. It destroyed the livelihoods of … Continue reading

AskProfWolff: What are the different forms of Capitalism?

Democracy At WorkOct 25, 2019 Submit your own question for Prof. Wolff on Patreon: We are committed to providing these videos to you free of ads. Please consider supporting us on Become a part of the growing Patreon … Continue reading

Trump’s China strategy is futile & dangerous – Richard Wolff

Published on Oct 14, 2019 Economist and author Dr. Richard Wolff shares his insights on the pending “temporary deal” between China and the US, Wall Street’s likely reaction and how it could affect China’s meteoric rise. He argues that the … Continue reading

Can Fed Keep Economy Going For Much Longer? w/ Richard Wolff

Published on Oct 10, 2019 The Feds are controlling the Business cycle, or do they just want to make us think they are? Richard Wolff joins the Thom Hartmann program to discuss the how the feds have manipulated the business … Continue reading

The Last Time Banks Did This… They Caused A Financial Crash w/Richard Wolff

Thom Hartmann Program Published on Sep 12, 2019 Banks make their money from depositors by lending to others. Banks lend out almost all the money they have on deposit and this means that there could be a bank panic if … Continue reading