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Western Association of Map Libraries (WAML)

The Western Association of Map Libraries is an independent association of map librarians and other people interested in advancing geospatial excellence in libraries of western North America and beyond. Membership in WAML is open to any individual interested in furthering … Continue reading

Climate Colonialism: Why Was Occupied Western Sahara Excluded from COP26 U.N. Summit in Scotland?

17 Nov 2021 Activists are criticizing the British government for excluding Western Sahara, occupied by Morocco since 1975, from the U.N. climate summit in Scotland. Meanwhile, Morocco is counting renewable energy developments in Western Sahara towards its own climate pledges. … Continue reading

[Excerpt from:] Western reactions to Benin bronzes | Civilisations – BBC Two

Western reactions to Benin bronzes | Civilisations – BBC Two

BBC – Apr 10, 2018 Programme website: David Olusoga discusses Benin bronzes created from the 16th century in West Africa, and how these works of art now reside in the British Museum.

Why the Western Drought Will Have Major Ripple Effects | WSJ

Wall Street JournalJul 13, 2021 Watering the Country’s Food Basket Is Becoming a Challenge Droughts are part of a natural cycle of water. But the drought currently gripping the Western U.S. has climate scientists concerned that the cycle may be … Continue reading

Ethiopia launches air strikes in northern and western Tigray • FRANCE 24 Eng lish

FRANCE 24 English– Oct 25, 2021 #Ethiopia‘s military on Sunday launched two air strikes on what a government official said were rebel-held facilities in #Tigray, the seventh and eighth #bombardments in its #war-torn northern region in a week. FRANCE 24’s … Continue reading

Biden sends stern warning to wealthy Americans: ‘Time to pay your fair share’

The HillOct 5, 2021 Biden traveled to Michigan as negotiations with congressional Democrats inch along on passage of a bipartisan infrastructure bill and a larger package including investments in health care, education and climate-friendly industries. The president argued America had … Continue reading

Farming as a Business in Eastern Africa

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsDec 21, 2015… Success stories from the FAO Food Security through Commercialization of Agriculture (FSCA) Programme funded by the Italian Development Cooperation in Eastern Africa. Supporting market oriented production and value addition. … Continue reading

Western US drought threatens hydropower from dams

Associated PressAug 18, 2021 California’s drought is hurting its ability to generate electricity from hydroelectric dams. The state recently shut down one of its largest hydroelectric plants because there wasn’t enough water in Lake Oroville reservoir to turn its turbines. … Continue reading

Inhofe Speaks on Senate Floor About Western Sahara

Senator Jim Inhofe – Aug 10, 2021