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Religious Politics and Secular Values – Part 6 Jeff Sharlet

Published on Nov 19, 2012 Sex, Lies, & C Street: Religious Stories, Media Narratives, and the Politics of Scandal Jeff Sharlet is a journalist, bestselling author, and academic best known for writing about religious subcultures in the United States. He … Continue reading

Big Think Interview with Jeff Sharlet

Published on Apr 23, 2012 Big Think Interview with Jeff Sharlet

BookTV, Jeff Sharlet, “C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy”

Published on Sep 2, 2019 (Visit: A group of scientists and doctoral students from UC Davis recently traveled to Antarctica where they became the first group to collect turbulence measurements from beneath an ice shelf. With this data, scientists … Continue reading

The Dark Side of Religion in Christian America: Chris Hedges on American Fascists (2007)

The Film Archives Published on Nov 13, 2013 One early effort to institutionalize the Christian right as a politically active social movement began in 1974 when Dr. Robert Grant, an early movement leader, founded American Christian Cause to advocate Christian … Continue reading

Exposing the Secret Christian Group Seeking Political Power

Thom Hartmann Program Published on Sep 5, 2019 ‘The Family’ is the oldest Christian Conservative Organisations in Washington D.C. and very secretive. Their goal is not to use Christian feelings to help the poor and the needy, but to concentrate … Continue reading

The Secret Political Reach Of ‘The Family’ : NPR

November 24, 2009 9:55 AM ET, Fresh Air Jeff Sharlet is also the author of Killing the Buddha: A Heretic’s Bible, a travelogue based on a year he and Peter Manseau spent exploring the margins of faith in America. The … Continue reading