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Big Ice: Prof Richard Alley (October 2016)

Understanding Climate Change Published on Nov 18, 2016 Fair Use: Educational (October 2016 Lecture) Advertisements

Richard Alley – 4.6 Billion Years of Earth’s Climate History: The Role of CO2

National Academy of Sciences Published on Jun 1, 2015 NAS member Richard Alley presents on 4.6 Billion Years of Earth’s Climate History: The Role of CO2, during the Symposium—Earths, Moons, Mars & Stars at the National Academy of Sciences 152nd … Continue reading

Prof. Richard Alley Testifies Before Congress on Climate Change

KUCReSIS Published on Jan 14, 2014 Global Climate Change Environment Ethics Environment Justice

Dr. Richard Alley on Undersea Methane

greenmanbucket Published on Oct 16, 2014 Interviewed in San Francisco, December, 2013. Dr. Alley worked with the National Academy of Science to produce a study of abrupt climate change impacts, including the so-called “methane bomb” – an uncontrolled release of … Continue reading

Geologist Richard Alley – ScienceLives

National Science Foundation Published on Aug 14, 2014 Richard Alley studies glaciers and ice sheets to learn how the climate works and whether melting ice will flood our coasts. He has shared his expertise with groups ranging from U.S. senators … Continue reading

Richard Alley – Abrupt Climate Change

OklahomaHorizonTV Published on Apr 18, 2013 Dr. Richard Alley found widely cited evidence of abrupt climate changes in ice cores during field research in Antarctica, Greenland and Alaska. Global Climate Change Environmental Justice Environment Ethics

Richard Alley: “The Biggest Control Knob: Carbon Dioxide in Earth’s Climate History”

Dan Moutal Published on Dec 10, 2012 From the 2009 AGO Fall meeting. Original here:… Global Climate Change Environmental Justice Environment Ethics

Abrupt Climate Change In The Arctic (And Beyond) An Update – Richard Alley

ClimateState Published on Dec 21, 2013 Follow ClimateState on facebook for climate research AGU Fall Meeting 2013 Our understanding of future Arctic change is informed by the history of past changes, which often have been both large and abrupt. … Continue reading

Richard Alley – Perspectives on Limits to Growth: World on the Edge

Smithsonian Published on Mar 15, 2012 We rely heavily on energy use, dominated by finite fossil fuels. We have high scientific confidence, based on solid physics, that burning most of the remaining fossil-fuel resource and releasing the carbon dioxide will … Continue reading

Session: Richard Alley: Ice Sheets, Sea Level, and Other Surprises: Benefits of Understanding Some Beautiful Places (2013 AAAS Annual Meeting (14-18 February 2013)) Evan Pugh Professor, Department of Geosciences, and Earth and Environmental Systems Institute, Pennsylvania State University Saturday, February 16, 2013: 12:00 PM-1:00 PM Room 302 (Hynes Convention Center) Dr. Alley is a geologist who studies the great ice sheets to … Continue reading