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Robert Reich: The Common Good | Town Hall Seattle

Town Hall Seattle Streamed live on Mar 5, 2018 Societies and nations undergo virtuous cycles that reinforce and build the common good, as well as vicious cycles that undermine it. In his new book The Common Good, acclaimed author Robert … Continue reading


Commonwealth Club Apr 30, 2018 Robert Reich is one of the most beloved and influential voices in progressive politics today. In his new book, The Common Good, the former secretary of labor, and professor of public policy at U.C. Berkeley, … Continue reading

Truth as a Common Good with Robert Reich

University of California Television (UCTV) Apr 8, 2017 Economist Robert Reich, the Clinton-era Labor Secretary and prominent Democratic pundit, gives a rousing talk on how the intersection of politics and economics led to the rise of Donald Trump and describes … Continue reading

Robert Reich: The Truth About Trump’s Economy

Robert Reich Oct 30, 2018 Robert Reich explains why the myth of Trump’s economic growth. Watch More: Trumponomics ►►

Robert Reich: Dismantling the Rigged Economic System

The Nation Jun 11, 2020 Robert Reich, former labor secretary under President Bill Clinton and UC Berkeley professor, joins The Nation to talk about our rigged economic and political system—who rigged it and how we can fix it.

Robert Reich (America is Exceptional in All the Wrong Ways As…)

America is Exceptional in All the Wrong Ways As our incompetent president flounders in the face of crises – leading the worst coronavirus response in the industrialized world, and seeking to crush nationwide protests for black lives – the hard … Continue reading

Robert Reich: America is Not Exceptional

Robert Reich Jun 23, 2020 Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich debunks the myth of American exceptionalism, explaining how Trump’s failed coronavirus response and use of violent authoritarianism to crush nationwide protests for Black lives has forced the hard truth … Continue reading

Robert Reich: The Deadly Fox News-Trump Syndicate

Robert Reich Published on Jun 9, 2020 Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich exposes Fox News’ endless circuit of lies. As the coronavirus crisis rages on and protests against police killings and centuries of Black oppression sweep the country, Fox … Continue reading

Justin Reich discusses elearning and technology

CGTN America Jun 9, 2020 CGTN’s Rachelle Akuffo spoke to Justin Reich, assistant professor at MIT and director of the MIT Teaching Systems Lab to talk about elearning platforms and the myriad online opportunities to learn a new skill.

Robert Reich: While Average Americans Struggle, Major Corporations Are Coming Out Ahead During The Pandemic

WGBH News   May 27, 2020 Ever since the springtime roll-out of the Paycheck Protection Program — the federal program meant to support small businesses suffering during the coronavirus pandemic — critics have sounded the alarm about loopholes that have sent … Continue reading