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Is a Recession Inevitable? Or Is the Fed Causing One Unnecessarily? – Robert Reich on CNN

Jun 21, 2022 If the Fed continues to raise interest rates this fast, a recession is likely around the corner. Congress and the White House must consider alternatives to help Americans grapple with rising prices at the gas pump and … Continue reading

Robert Reich: Why the Common Good Disappeared and How We Get It Back

University of California Television (UCTV) Oct 18, 2018 Professor Robert B. Reich ignites a discussion of the good we have had in common, what happened to it, and what we might do to restore it. His goal is not that … Continue reading

Robert Reich’s Full Testimony Regarding Corporate Profits and Inflation to Senate Budget Committee

Robert Reich – May 26, 2022

The Big Picture: How We Got Into This Mess, And How We Get Out of It | Robert Reich

Robert Reich – Jan 1, 2022 I’ve been in or around politics for over a half-century now. I’ve watched as corporations ransacked our system. In 1952, the corporate share of federal tax revenue was 32%. In 2020, it was down … Continue reading

The true meaning of 6 January: we must answer Trump’s neofascism with hope | Robert Reich | The Guardian

Tue 28 Dec 2021 01.00 EST As the first anniversary of the Capitol attack nears, all decent Americans must commit to deprogram this Republican cult. Doing so will mean paying attention to those we left behind 6 January will be … Continue reading

How Wealth Inequality Spiraled Out of Control | Robert Reich

Robert Reich – Nov 3, 2021 Here it is: The full story of wealth inequality in America. The top 1% holds 15x more wealth than the bottom 50% combined. If you’ve never watched a video of mine, please watch this … Continue reading

What Happened to the Party of Limited Government? | Robert Reich

Robert Reich – Oct 26, 2021 Republican governors ban mask mandates. Republican states outlaw abortions. Republican lawmakers dictate what educators can teach in schools. And we’re supposed to believe this is the party of “limited government”?

America is on Strike | Robert Reich

Robert Reich– Oct 21, 2021 Let’s make one thing clear: Americans didn’t quit their jobs because of unemployment benefits. They quit their jobs because they were sick of being underpaid and treated like dirt. Workers are officially fed up. Welcome … Continue reading

The Solutions to the Climate Crisis No One is Talking About | Robert Reich

Robert Reich Apr 22, 2020 Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains why we must not go back to normal after this coronavirus crisis ends, and breaks down four key steps we must take to prevent total climate catastrophe. First, … Continue reading

Why Expanding the Supreme Court is Not Radical | Robert Reich

Robert Reich Published on Jul 13, 2021 Robert Reich is joined by Congressman Mondaire Jones to explain why expanding the Supreme Court isn’t radical — it’s essential.