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Robert Reich: “Preparing Our Economy for the Impact of Automation & AI” | Talks at Google

Talks at Google Published on Feb 9, 2017 Professor Reich comes to Google to discuss the impact of automation & artificial intelligence on our economy. He also provides a recommendation on how we can ensure future technologies benefit the entire … Continue reading

Robert Reich: Morality & the Common Good Must Be at Center of Fighting T rump’s Economic Agenda

Democracy Now! Published on Feb 20, 2018 – As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump made a promise to the American people: There would be no cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Well, the promise has not been kept. … Continue reading

“THIS IS A GIGANTIC HOAX!!!” Robert Reich DESTROYS Trump Lackey Stephen Moore on Trump’s Tax Bill

Saving Capitalism with Robert Reich

Saving Capitalism and Democracy with Robert Reich — In the Living Room with Henry E. Brady

The Big Picture: How We Got Into This Mess, And How Get Out of It I Robert Reich

Inequality Media – Robert Reich

Inequality Media is a nonprofit co-founded by former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich and Director Jacob Kornbluth following the success of their documentary film, Inequality For All. Inequality Media uses the power of storytelling to inform and engage the public … Continue reading

The Biggest Threat to the Resistance That You’ve Never Heard Of I Robert Reich

Truth as a Common Good with Robert Reich

University of California Television (UCTV) Published on Apr 8, 2017 (Visit: Economist Robert Reich, the Clinton-era Labor Secretary and prominent Democratic pundit, gives a rousing talk on how the intersection of politics and economics led to the rise of … Continue reading

Robert Reich: The Resistance Report 8/30/2017

Inequality Media Civic Action Published on Aug 30, 2017 Join me for today’s Resistance Report, where we’ll be talking about Hurricane Harvey, Trump’s climate policies, and more. Follow daily updates on Facebook video Page.