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How to Stop Trump from Stealing the Election | Robert Reich

Robert Reich Oct 20, 2020 Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains Trump’s plan to contest the election and steal a victory through the House of Representatives. Watch More: 6 Crucial Races That Will Flip the Senate ►► We should … Continue reading

The 6 Most Revealing Moments From the Presidential Debate | Robert Reich

Robert Reich Sep 30, 2020 Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich breaks down the most revealing moments from last night’s debacle of a debate. What America saw last night wasn’t an argument about issues. It was a confrontation that laid … Continue reading

6 Crucial Races That Will Flip the Senate | Robert Reich

Robert Reich Sep 22, 2020 Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains the importance of down-ballot races and highlights six crucial races that will help flip the Senate and stop the GOP from entrenching minority rule for an entire generation. … Continue reading

Racism is Profitable | Robert Reich

Robert Reich Sep 15, 2020 Solana Rice and Jeremie Greer, Co-Founders of Liberation in a Generation, explain how the profitability of racism sparks a vicious cycle called the Oppression Economy, which has been churning for centuries. In our racialized capitalist … Continue reading

What You Need to Know this Labor Day | Reich at Home

Robert Reich 261K subscribers Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich discusses Trump’s repeated attacks on working people, and the injustice of billionaires’ wealth soaring as millions are unemployed and on the brink of eviction.

Robert Reich: Dismantling A Rigged System

Commonwealth Club of California Published on Aug 5, 2020 Robert Reich is at the forefront of the progressive fight for higher worker wages, expanded health care and stronger unions. He argues that years of stagnant wages and volatile job markets … Continue reading

5 Key Demands for the New Coronavirus Bill | Robert Reich

Robert Reich Jul 29, 2020 Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains the key demands that we must make of Congress’ new coronavirus relief package. The bill must: — Contain COVID-19 — Extend $600/week in unemployment benefits — Provide rent … Continue reading

Robert Reich: The Common Good | Town Hall Seattle

Town Hall Seattle Streamed live on Mar 5, 2018 Societies and nations undergo virtuous cycles that reinforce and build the common good, as well as vicious cycles that undermine it. In his new book The Common Good, acclaimed author Robert … Continue reading


Commonwealth Club Apr 30, 2018 Robert Reich is one of the most beloved and influential voices in progressive politics today. In his new book, The Common Good, the former secretary of labor, and professor of public policy at U.C. Berkeley, … Continue reading

Truth as a Common Good with Robert Reich

University of California Television (UCTV) Apr 8, 2017 Economist Robert Reich, the Clinton-era Labor Secretary and prominent Democratic pundit, gives a rousing talk on how the intersection of politics and economics led to the rise of Donald Trump and describes … Continue reading