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The Next System Project

The Next System Project is an initiative of The Democracy Collaborative aimed at bold thinking and action to address the systemic challenges the United States faces now and in coming decades. Deep crises of economic inequality, racial injustice and climate … Continue reading

The Next System Project Video supports

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Mapping the Next System

The Next System Project Streamed live on Dec 14, 2015 Mapping the Next System

Next System Media: An Urgent Necessity October 12th, 2017 Movement Strategy & History Democratic Ownership A personal introduction In the interest of full transparency, this essay is personal. When it comes to journalism, I’ve been on a career-long search for an effective, sustainable alternative to … Continue reading

The Next System Project

The Next System Project Published on Mar 30, 2015 On May 20, 3PM EDT, join the launch of the Next System Project: Growing inequality, political stalemate, and climate disruption prompt an important insight. When the old ways no longer … Continue reading

Taking Back Tomorrow: Making the next System Here in Santa Barbara (UCSB Teach-In)

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How to host a Next System Teach-in


Mapping the Next System Webinar – Gus Speth

The Next System Inaugural Teach-Ins: Highlights from NYC

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Noam Chomsky talks to the Next System Project teach-ins on the power of campus organizing

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